Monday, December 12, 2022

Clarity in labelling packaging and on bins for disposal and transparency in recycling, composting and landfill.

 We have had variable size bins and domestic waste levy is according to the size of the Red (landfill bin) - Fees here

We have had Garden Organics(GO -fortnightly) and Food Organics (FO weekly) bins - the latter only to MUDs with more than 10 units. FO is with the liners and caddies - people love this as they did redcycle.

We did a trial of FO for individual dwellings but too many bins and not enough content and smelly FO needs weekly collections.

We won an award on the basis we are now rolling out FOGO using the GO bins.

It is proposed to change the GO collection to a weekly FOGO collection and switching the Red (Landfill) to fortnightly.

I find the term food recycling offensive (and we love composting in the inner west) but there you go

EPA is handing out grants and so is shaping this stuff

I have been advised compostable packaging (eg take away containers) can't be put into FO or FOGO - but the single use compostable liners can. I will be bringing an amendment on this to tomorrow night's council meeting. See last Blog Post

Previously (in relation to not sending our waste to incineration) I asked for the website to be updated with where our waste goes.

This has but we still got caught out with contracting RecycleSmart who was sending soft plastics to REDCYCLE - all websites have since been updated.

REDCYCLE WEEKLY UPDATE:REDcycle is assisting EPA’s ongoing investigations regarding storage facilities used to store and sort soft plastics. We have been and will continue to work closely with and fully support the work of the EPA. viewed 9:53 12 dEC 2022

Thousands of tonnes of plastic bags from Coles, Woolworths scheme found in warehouses By Najma Sambul, Chris Vedelago and Caroline Schelle
Updated December 9, 2022 — 7.24pmfirst published at 12.25pm viewed 9:50 12 dEC 2022  

One of our local shopping centres was pulping their food scraps

We also need to reuse more blogged here

Instagram poster on Bins and Waste Disposal

We need clarity in labelling including on bins for disposal and transparency in recycling, composting and landfill.

I am planning to bring a motion about waste disposal/reuse at events and community centres to feb council meeting and move some amendments to tomorrow night's council meeting on items . 

33. Potential Expansion of In- House Resource Recovery Collection Services 

32. Summer Hill Reuse Centre
34. Food and Garden Organics - Earlier Commencement Date

Agenda viewed 9.58 12 de3c 2022

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