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Notice of Motion/Resolution: Communication with our Community (8 Dcember 2020)

  C1220(1) Item 17         Notice of Motion: Communication with our Community Motion:  (Da Cruz/Stamolis)   THAT Council ensures every issue of the newsletter includes:   1.     The web address for the council website, your say address, where to view Development Applications and Council papers online;   2.     Basic information regarding waste service;   3.     Councillors & community services contact information;   4.     Increases the frequency of the newsletter to every two months; and   5.     No pictures of the Mayor or Councillors except for the contact page, and no editorial from the Mayor.   Motion Carried For Motion:                 Crs Da Cruz, Hesse, Kiat, Lockie, Macri, Passas, Porteous, Stamolis and Steer Against Motion:          Crs Drury, Iskandar, McKenna OAM and York Absent:                        Cr Byrne  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Resolution to readvertise for Community Reps on Local Planning Panel (29 June 2021)

C0621(3) Item 28         Appointment of Panel Members for the Inner West Local      Planning Panel Motion (Da Cruz/Passas)   1.     Appoint Prof. David Lloyd as the primary chair and Gary Shiels and Heather Wharton as the alterative chairs on the Inner West Local Planning Panel as selected by the Minister of Planning and Public Spaces;   2.     Extends the term of Ken Hawke and Kath Roach as Community Representatives on the Inner West Local Planning Panel to 30 October 2021  and  re-advertises for community representatives through all our communication channels with a view to attracting applicants with a diversity of backgrounds; and   3.     Appoint David Johnson, John McInerney, Brian Kirk, Jan Murrell, Kim Crestani, Mary-Lynne Taylor, Lisa Trueman and Lindsey Dey from the Department of Planning Industry and Environment shortlist as independent experts on the Inner West Local Planning Panel.   Motion Carried For Motion: 

Transition of Council’s Fleet

The challenge with renewables is storage for power on demand. Batteries, Pumped Hydro and even Hydrogen are storage options.   For many years we have had peak and off peak electricity. Accordingly the feed in Tarrif is a premium at Peak Time.   PV generates during the day - in rain or shine. Wind generates when wind blows.   Feeding into the Grid at Peak times is lucrative. Reposit Power and V2G offer the possibility of charging batteries in a fixed location or in your car when electricity is cheap and feeding it into Grid when tariff is good ANU V2G project Climate Change and Electric Vehicle Submissions to Budget Transition of Council’s Fleet - June 17, 2020 Council Meeting 10 March 2020 Vehicle to Grid