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Westconnex Truck on Norton Street contrary to conditions of approval

Caught this westconnex truck trundling down Norton Street today - wasn't quick enough to get the number of the truck but reported anyway as I doubt Norton Street is a legitimate route. Appendix B1Traffic and Transport and Access Management Sub-Plan M4-M5 Link Mainline Tunnels June 2019 is at Conditions from NSW Government Department of Planning and Environment Conditions of Approval for WestConnex M4-M5 Link SSI 7485 SSI 7485 MOD 1 determined 25 February 2019 Westconnex Truck Parramatta Road, 8 Nov 2019 A44 All construction spoil haulage vehicles must be clearly marked as being for WestConnex M4-M5 Link (including CSSI application number) in such a manner to enable immediate identification within at least 50 metres of the vehicles. .... E52 Construction vehicles (including staff vehicles) associated with the CSSI must be managed to: (a) minimise parking on public roads; (b) minimise id

Croydon Road Pedestrian Refuges

C1017 Item 14 Motion: Notice of Motion: Pedestrian Safety on Croydon Road, Croydon (Da Cruz/Porteous) October 2017 following meeting with locals in August 2017.. Next challenge is more trees... Croydon Road, at Church St 9 Nov 2019 Croydon Road, at Church St 9 Nov 2019 Croydon Road, at Queen St, 9 Nov 2019 Queen St at Jones St 18 Nov 2019 Croydon Road, at Gregory Avenue 9 November 2019 Croydon Road and Anthony Street Intersection 18 Nov 2019 More at

Air Quality and Carbon Emissions in the Inner West

Update: Marrickville West primary school called a SNAP Action to highlight the health risks of the air pollution in Sydney. Orange Grove followed Suit . Also action at Dulwich Hill Primary.  Media Coverage: The Marrickville Primary action led to action at Orange Grove covered by SMH Inner West Council Climate and Renewables Strategy with Anna Harvey 12/12/2019   Snap actions in protest again

Air Quality deteriorates in the Inner West

The Bushfires in NSW have seen the tragic loss of human life, stock and wildlife. Hundreds of homes and other property has been destroyed. US Air Quality Index in the Inner West -10.55am on Thursday 21 November 2019 Today, emergency air quality monitoring is being undertaken in Port Macqaurie, Grafton, Coffs Harbour and Taree with warnings to other areas. in Northern NSW due to the bushfires. The above map shows that air quality in the Inner West was poor. This was attributed to bush fire smoke. However, there are a large number of diesel trucks travelling to and from the Westconnex sites at Haberfield, Rozelle and Annandale. It was quite likely there were cruise and concrete ships at White Bay and Circular Quay. There are also a large number of diesel buses. Bushfire smoke is a mixture of different-sized particles, water vapour and gases, including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

Air Quality in the Inner West Thursday 21 November 2019.

Air Quality in Sydney approximately 10.55 on Thursday 21 November 2019. Official AQI US - Hazardous at the Opera House PM 2.5 PM10 Source: Live Air Quality Monitoring: Smog over the city about 3pm on 21 November photo from Johnston Street Annandale