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Westconnex Test Blasts in Reserve Street Annandale, 27 July 2020

Update: Residents have reported feeling the explosions in their homes. Results of the Westconnex test blasting in Reserve St Annandale. Their licence range at one of the test points - 9.3 license is 10. Test Results (though month wrong in table) at: "Westconnex Environment Protection Licence Monitoring Data Project Name: WestConnex Stage 3A - M4-M5 Link Mainline Tunnels Monitoring Period: July 2020 Licensee: Samsung C&T Corporation, Bouygues Construction Australia Pty Ltd, Lendlease Engineering Pty Limited Environment Protection Licence Number: 21149 Premise Address: WestConnex between M4 East at Haberfield and The New M5 at St. Peters, Marrickville NSW 2204 Public Register: Monitoring Type: Ground Vibration Peak Particle Velocity (PPV) Monitoring 1.E2: Controlled Blasting Trial... https://ww