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ALGA NGA June 2022

Electric Cars are not the Panacea to meet our transport needs Brisbane City Council calls for speed regulation of private E-Scooters backyourneighbour morning tea at #nga22 #asylumseekers #refugees Llapulang from east arnhem regional council #yolungu calling for a #voice for #remoteaustralia as we look to the future. #nga22 #ngunnawal country #cbr #alga Tasmanian councils lead Call for #opensource advice to #localgovernment passed unanimously at #nga22 #alga #cbr South African Local Government Stan Grant on Identity - belong here belong nowhere #Post-Truth- LGIU Tactile warning around street furniture (sculpture) social and financial costs of #naturaldisasters due to #climatechange 2022 Senior of the year Val Dempsey, First Aid for Learner drivers Close the Gap we are in a #climateemergency Little evidence amalgamations work, mult-portfolio business puts limits on economies of scale, laerger councils struggle with effective representation - SGS Economics   Call for safet

Recap on Road Safety in the Inner West (LGA)

Parramatta Rd, Annandale Recapping on road safety in the Inner West. Balmain Peninsular has had a blanket 40k speed limit on their roads forever. Parramatta Rd, Annandale There are also several High Pedestrian Activity Areas, with 40k speed limits, which were implemented by Leichhardt Council - Booth St, Annandale; Norton St, Leichhardt and Styles St, Leichhardt.  Numerous 40k School Limits apply across the State including in the Inner West LGA including on what are 50 and 60k roads outside the School Zone hours. For example on Fort St High, Parramatta Rd and Annandale Public on Johnston St. Parramatta Rd, Stanmore State Roads (Parramatta Rd, Victoria Rd Rozelle, Liverpool Road, Ashfield, City West Link, Haberfield/Lilyfield, Crystal St and Stanmore Rd, Petersham) in the LGA have a 60kmph speed limit. There are parts of City West Link which had and have a speed limit of 70kmph. There are footpaths and even shared paths adjacent to these roads. Johnston St., Annandale The speed limit on

Statement from the Heart forum at Marrickville

It was an honour for Inner West Council to host an Uluru Statement from the Heart Forum last Thursday in Marrickville Hall. The Uluru Statement from the Heart asks for " constitutional reforms to empower our people and take a rightful place in our own country. When we have power over our destiny our children will flourish. They will walk in two worlds and their culture will be a gift to their country." Voice Treaty and Truth  Welcome to Country from Aunty Deb Lenis Following the welcome to Country by Aunty Deb Lenis , Linda Burney , Wiradjuri Nation, Minister for Indigenous Australians addressed the crowd and those watching online. Linda Burney said,  Minister Linda Burney “The Uluru Statement is an incredibly generous invitation to the Australian people to walk together with First Nations people and the journey begins in Marrickville with a packed out Town Hall on Thursday night.”     Dean Parkin addresses the forum Dean Parkin, Quandamooka peoples, Director, From the He

speed limit on Frederick Street

Yay the speed limit on Frederick Street is going to reduce from 60-50kmph (late July/August) - still needs to go further but it has taken a tragic death for this to happen.   Council Meeting 12 October 2017 Item No: C1017 Item 15 Subject: Notice of Motion: Pedestrian Safety on Frederick Street, Ashfield File Ref: 17/4718 From Councillor Marghanita Da Cruz Motion: THAT Council through the Traffic Committee urgently investigate and report on the significant safety risks at pedestrian crossings on Frederick Street with a particular emphasis on the Frederick/John St crossing and provide recommendations on how these risks can be addressed. These recommendations to include consideration of a reduction in the speed limit on Frederick Street and the introduction of traffic calming at the pedestrian crossings on Frederick Street as well as proposals to prevent vehicles overtaking cars turning right near the pedestrian crossings. The report should include a
  A new draft Tree DCP is now on exhibition. There was a fiasco when the last DCP was adopted with Lib/Lab councilllors putting in a slew of amendments from the floor (without advice from officers)   Main Changes    distance from a dwelling for exempt trees has been reduced from 2m to 1m (leichhardt council had 0m and previously innerwest council officers recommended 0.5m) the height in the definition of a prescribed tree has been reduced to 4m from 6m (a prescribed tree is: i. any tree with a height equal to or greater than 6 metres above ground level (existing))  the applications and processes have been made legal (current Tree DCP has a number of illegal clauses and associated processes which conflict with state law - inconsistent with the NSW Vegetation SEPP and the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act.) the "weed" species list has been reduced from the 2020 Tree DCP [draft C7 Exempt Species List - Council approval is not required to remove species outlined in this

Cost of Amalgamation

62.5% of voters choose de-amalgamation   more at Inner West Council de-amalgamation cost benefit report Friday 3 September 2021 Inner West Council is asking the community for feedback on an independent de-amalgamation cost benefit report. Recently, the NSW Parliament passed legislation that made it possible for Councils to put forward a business case for de-amalgamation. It remains at the discretion of the Local Government Minister whether to de-amalgamate councils. At the Local Government elections on 4 December 2021, Inner West citizens will be asked whether to support separating the one Inner West Council into the three original councils of Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville. To assist in informing the community Council commissioned an independent report from consultants Morrison Low about the cost and benefits of de-amalgamation Morrison Low is the sa
"The report shows that twenty-one high risk matters related to asset management, 14 related to IT and seven related to financial reporting. The remainder were around governance, accounting, purchasing and payables, and cash and banking."   Fast facts 150 councils and joint organisations in the sector 99% unqualified audit opinions issued for the 30 June 2020 financial statements 490 monetary misstatements were reported in 2019-20 61 prior period errors reported 53 high risk management letters findings identified 49% of reported issues were repeat issues Highlights The Office of Local Government within the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (OLG) extended the statutory deadline for councils and joint organisations to lodge their audited financial statements by an additional month to 30 November 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One hundred and thirty-three councils and joint organis