Thursday, August 27, 2020

Glysophate -state of play

In June 2020 Bayer, who acquired Monsanto in 2018, announced it would settle $US10.9 billion in lawsuits alleging Glysophate-based Roundup causes cancer. In the US Bayer is appealing three cases which ruled against Monsato largely because it did not properly warn people of the need for protective clothing when applying the weedkiller.1

In January 2020 due to community pressure the US EPA commenced a review of the Glyphosate Registration. The Review investigated the effects on Human Health and Ecological Impacts.

The interism decision found adverse ecological risks. The mitigation of these riske requires updated labelling to raise awareness of potential effects to pollinator habitat and provide better instructions on minimizing spray drift due to the following effects on Terrestrial and Aquatic Plants, Birds, Mammals and Terrestrial Invertebrates.2