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Leichhardt Council employ Man, Horse and Cart in streetsweeping (Video 1965)

This news item shows horse and carts being used in 1965 by Leichhardt Council to sweep the streets including Annandale. Though the news item mocks the operation, the horse, man and cart was an efficient and quiet way to clean the streets compared to today's leaf blower and vacuum truck. 

Notice of Motion: Review of Aquatic Centre Times (26 March 2019)

Summer 2019/20 Swims LPAC have extended our pool open times so you can enjoy some late laps and a sunset swim during the summer period. Commencing on the first Friday of summer and running to the last Friday of summer the following changes will be made to pool closing times: Mushroom pool will stay open to the public until 7pm Olympic Pool will stay open to the public until 9pm   26 March 2019 Item No: C0319(2) Item 9 ) Subject:  Notice of Motion: Review of Aquatic Centre Times           From: Councillor Marghanita Da Cruz    Motion : THAT a review of the opening times of swimming pools and other facilities at the Aquatic Centres including extending (or shortening) the season and hours be undertaken and a report be brought back to Council. Report At the 12 March 2019 Council meeting, Council resolved to run a tr

Action would be good but back of an envelope BAU Cost of Inner West Carbon Neutrality by 2021

  % of Emissions from each Source Source tonnes Offset $15/tonne*** Offset $40/tonne**** 11.00% Fuel 2420 $36,300 $96,800 10.00% Natural Gas 2200 $33,000 $88,000 35.00% Street Lights 7700 $115,500 $308,000 38.00% Electricity 8360 $125,400 $334,400 4.00% Food and Catering 880 $13,200 $35,200 1.00% Waste 220 $3,300 $8,800 1.00% Other 220 $3,300 $8,800 22000 $330,000 $880,000 Forecast Reduction 4,000 tonnes a year Morree Solar Farm power purchase * -4000 -$60,000 -$160,000 reduction of 1,500 tonnes per year LED Street Lighting ** -1500 -$22,500 -$60,000 16500 $247,500 $660,000 *

Climate Change and Renewables at the Inner West Council

Disappointing that the majority of councillors did not support Council reducing our emissions more quickly. However, on a positive note - several of our amendments were incorporated into the motion and resolved: "That Council note the community support for transitioning its fleet to electric vehicles, and receive an update on the Fleet Transition Plan in early 2020." There were two speakers to the item.  Anna Harvery spoke of the need to reduce our emissions and how transitioning our fleet would reduce environmental and financial costs. Rachel Green raised some important issues about the Adaptation to poorer air quality and the need for indoor exercise spaces. Also the challenges and opportunities for installing Solar in the Inner West. Anna referenced a report prepared by Climate Works for the Municipal Association of Victoria. See:  Driven Article: Electric vehicles are already cheaper than petrol cars for fleet owners , Posted on August 26, 2019 Report:

Getting around in the Inner West on Public Transport

Singing at St Basil's Yesterday, I got to six engagements walking and using public transport but it wasn't all smoothe sailing. The air quality was bad, the 438 bus brokedown and the 445 bus and train from Petersham into the City were late. Choir at Annandale Community Centre In the morning, I joined the local Women's Choir at their warm up at the Annandale Community Centre and their performance at St Basil's Aged Care facility a short walk down Johnston Street. Then I caught a bus to railway square and walked up Elizabeth St to Redfern Oval for a meeting. After the meeting, I caught a bus back along Elizabeth Street to central. At Central, I caught a  438. Broken 438 Bus westconnex dive site However, the driver pulled up at the bus stop on Parramatta Road, at Camperdown School across from the Westconnex Dive site and informed us that we had to get off because of a problem with the bus. Someone mentioned something about a fan belt.