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Energy Consumption and Generation by LGA

2018 Electricity Consumption and Generation by Local Government Area  Solar Energy exported to the Grid by LGA

Unmetered Electricity (eg Street Lights) Street Lights are currently being upgraded to LEDs and this should see a dramatin reduction in the electricity consumption. Graphs of data provided by AUSGRID at

LED Street Lighting

Inner West Council is funding the conversion of our street lighting to LED.

LE 26854 in Annandale has one of the new LED fittings.

The switch to LED lighting will reduce electricity consumption and so emissions and electricity costs.

"In 2018, Inner West Council, along with 16 other Councils, agreed to accept Ausgrid’s offer to accelerate the replacement of all existing streetlights (on minor residential roads) with the new lights."..

Read about other LED Lighting Projects in Annandale at

Annandale Election Day 18 May 2019 - then celebration!

Great to see everyone walking around -election day is a great community day for fetes and conversations with neighbours.

With Jim Casey Greens Candidate for Grayndler at Annandale Public School

Election Night - the Palace Hotel, Haymarket Greens set to retain Senate seats and increases primary vote in early count..

Greens set to retain Senate seats and increases primary vote in early count"...

A Climate Emergency in the Inner West

Last night the Inner West Council voted Unanimously to declare a Climate Emergency and reflect this in KPIs for the CEO and the Budget.

In introducing the motion, I asked my fellow councillors to  support the motion before them to: Publicly acknowledges that we are in a state of climate emergency and to reflect the emergency in the CEOs performance agreement which is due to be signed shortly and our Council’s key performance indicators and policies by May 2020. I thanked Mr Pierce from the ExtinctionRebellion NSW for asking me to bring this motion to council and coming to speak. I also acknowledged Mr Chase from Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle and Ms Reffell from Stop Adani (who came to speak representing local groups) for their persistent advocacy and activism on this issue.

Listen to the speakers at

And then I continued...
My motion is based on one passed by Randwick Council last month. But I would also like to acknowlege the input from the CE…

Canberra's new Light Rail, Drone Pilot and LED street lighting

Light Rail The first stage of the Light Rail has opened in Canberra.

While the new service is being bedded in, Trips are free but passengers need to use ACT MyWay Public Transport Card and tap on and off.

Unlike the Inner West light Rail in Sydney the tracks are bedded in concrete instead of blue metal. Interaction between pedestrians and cyclists and the Light Rail is a new experience for Canberrans.

The free trips are popular with Canberrans lining up and squeezing onto the trams.

Stage 2 of the Light Rail is part of a Greens-Labour Parliamentary Agreement when the ACT government was formed in 2016.

 The light rail runs between Civic and Gunghalin.

More like a train than a tram the line is in the middle of the large arterial roads which connect Civic to Canberra.

Housing density is being significantly increased in the corridor.

It is likely that as in Sydney's Inner West Light Rail demand will grow more rapidly than predicted. But this would be a good direction for a city dependen…

Declaring a Climate Emergency

Approached by Reid Pierce, I have put forward a NOM based on a Resolution adopted by Randwick Council in April 2019.
Activist Group Extinction Rebellion and School Children around the world have  the urgency for action on climate change. Declaring a climate emergency means Inner West Council will move beyond business-as-usual and reform-as-usual and focus our activities to end the emergency. To resolve the emergency we will need to deliver temporary protection and adaptation measures while prevention and restorative measures are put in place and while they achieve their full effect.
By voting now to declare a Climate Emergency we will join 17 other councils in Australia including Bellingen, the Bluemountains, Byron, Clarence Valley, Hawkesbury, Randwick and the Upper Hunter in New South Wales.
World Wide 520 councils covering 50 million residents have declared an Emergency. The German City of Konstanz, Scotland, Wales and the UK have all declared a climate emergency and pledged to cu…

Transport Articles from the Conversation

Some interesting articles from the conversation

People devise many creative and adaptive ways of using them, and architects and planners can learn from these uses. For example, nooks and indents in buildings abutting footpaths enable people to socialise outside in opportunistic ways. However, when unplanned and unmanaged, footpaths can become a jumble of electrical boxes, signposts, cafĂ© tables, and other disconnected objects. Don't forget the footpath – it's vital public space

"We sketched a second entrance at those 44 stations and measured accessibility again. It’s now higher, as having two entrances instead of one means more people can reach the platform in the same time." - How to increase train use by up to 35% with one simple trick

"Demand on Sydney’s western and Illawarra heavy-rail corridors has surged since 2004 (when barrier counts began). These are two of the city’s most important transport trunks. The Bankstown line has much lower patronage w…