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Inner West Council Property

To be clear, the 24 September 2019 Council Resolution was to call for Expressions of Interest for a number of extremely valuable Council Properties including:
Depots in St Peters (beside the Passenger and Freight Rail Lines, in Leichhardt (on Catherine Street and the Community Recycling Centre), in Summer Hill and in Balmain. Buildings which currently provide accomodation for Council Staff and also community meeting rooms, a library and Town Halls at Petersham, Leichhardt and Ashfield. Car parks at Petersham and Leichhardt (remember the Marion Street Cottages which were sterilising the site!) Luckily THE BOWER Reuse & Repair Centre came to speak at the meeting and a Reuse facility was included.

We need to hear much more about community and council "requirements" including facilities to support our Bushcare Volunteers, Community Activities, Recreation and Social Enterprises.

We need lots of Social Infrastructure from Parks for trees and people to meeting …

Yaama Ngunna Baaka 2019