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'60s Annandale: A Short Walk

Books available at Annandale Village Newsagency '60s Annandale: A short Walk will be the seventh book in the series . It will cover Annandale of the 1860s and 1960s. Annandale In May 1861, Ann Hooper Ball of Annandale sought probate of the will of her husband George Ball overseer at Annandale. 1861 'ECCLESIASTICAL JURISDICTION.', New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900) , 10 May, p. 999. , viewed 14 Feb 2019, From the 12 August 1867 Issue of the Empire:   "One day the Major was driving out in his gig to visit this George's River farm, and give some instructions to the servant in charge of it, when he overtook the Baron, about four miles from Sydney, walking along the Parramatta Road. The Major pulled-up, and inquired the destination of the old gentleman.  "I am going," said he, " to George's River to see Colonel Johnstone, from whom I wish to ask a

Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

Snap Action at 107 Redfern, 23 Jan 2019 Last night I attended a 'Snap action Solidarity fundraiser' organised by  Indigenous Social Justice Association ( ISJA Sydney ) and Fighting In Resistance Equally ( FIRE ). ISJA meets every Wednesday at Redfern Community Centre David Dungay The "Snap Action" was to raise money for the family of David Dungay who died in custody at Long Bay Prison at Malabar in Sydney. The NSW Coroners investigation into Dungay's death was adjourned last July and will resume on Wednesday 6 March 2018 . "Mr Dungay was just weeks away from release, when he died during a cell transfer at Long Bay jail hospital in December 2015. He was held down by five prison officers after he was told to stop eating a packet of biscuits. The court was played footage showing Mr Dungay transferred to the second cell while handcuffed and then injected with the sedative midazolam. Mr Dungay said 12 times that he couldn’t breathe." -  Fa

Morning Perambulation

Today's morning walk in Annandale. History and Nature Remembering the Green Bans, which saved Annandale in the 1970s and fighting Westconnex in the 2010s. Verge Planting Pepper Trees Federal Park. The story is that diggers brought the seeds back with them from WW1 Federal Park Constructed Salt Marsh Wetlands Johnston's Creek Oysters Rozelle Bay Fish Rozelle Bay "In the early 1970s residents including the Glebe Society joined with the Builders Labourers Federation led by Jack Mundey to impose a Green Ban on expressways planned to carve through Glebe Annandale and Lilyfield. This plaque commemorates all the men and women who fought this battle - Leichhardt Council." More at Western Expressway Greenban (March 1974) -   ?