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Code Red for Humanity (2 November 2021)

Item No:         C1121(3) Item 5 Subject:         Notice of Motion: Code Red for Humanity         Council Meeting at its meeting on 26 October 2021 resolved that the matter be deferred to the meeting to be held on 02 November 2021.    From:             Councillor Marghanita Da Cruz       Motion :   THAT Council:   1.     Note the United Nations (UN) has issued a code Red for Humanity advising that only with immediate, deep and sustained reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, including methane gas, is it possible to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius and avoid the consequences of greater global warming including intense and frequent hot extremes, heatwaves, and heavy precipitation and, in some regions, agricultural and ecological droughts;   2.     Note that if other countries were to adopt emissions targets similar to our own, it is very likely that global temperatures would increase by at least 2 degrees, and poss

The Inner West votes to Deamalgamate

On December 4, the Inner West Council put a Poll question to the electorate alongside the election of new councillors. Though the vote is not binding on council the result was a clear message. The Poll Question:  In May 2016, Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville councils were amalgamated into one local government area by the State Government. Do you support the Inner West local government area being de-amalgamated, so as to restore the former local government areas of Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville? Voter Turnout: 80.73% Informal Rate: 2.55% Results are available at A cost benefit analysis was prepared and a yes and no case were distributed to every voter and translated into various languages. From Council Website: At the election, Inner West citizens will also be asked: “In May 2016, Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville councils were amalgamated into one local government area by the State

Sydney Green Grid (central district) - Army Land at 140 Hawthorne Pde, Haberfield

  source: Sydney Green Grid (central district)  "Known as the Sydney Green Grid, it is an integral part of the Greater Sydney Region and District Plans. Underpinning Greener Places, the draft green infrastructure policy, the Green Grid promotes sustainable development while maximising quality of life and wellbeing." - Creek from Ashfield Park to Long Cove Creek (Hawthorne Canal) runs through the site making it perfect for a wetland to filter out pollutants including excess nutrients and to reduce runoff. See Map at

36th Batallion at the Army Land Haberfield

"36th Battalion (The St. George English Rifle Regiment): Haberfield" - " The 36 th  Battalion, “Carmichael’s Thousand : In 1915, the New South Wales Minister for Public Information and member for Leichhardt Campbell Carmichael ran a recruiting drive which resulted in the formation of the 9th Brigade comprising the 33 rd , 34 th , 35 th and 36 th Battalions." ... St George's English Rifle Regiment:The 36th Battalion was raised again in 1921, as a part-time Citizens Force unit, with its Boer war name of St George's English Rifle Regiment." ... " Cecil Sydney SMITH  was a 23 year old Plasterer from Haberfield in NSW when he signed his AIF Enlistment Form on the 14th of December 1915. He was a member of the ‘Haberfield Rifle Club’ " -