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Inner West council meeting Questions on Notice

Questions on Notice (QoN) for April 2024 Agenda, the next council meeting.

Questions on Notice

From Councillor Marghanita da Cruz
  1. Question 1. What were council CO2e emissions for 2022/23 and period 1 July 2023- 30 Dec 2023?
  2. Question 2. What were the sources and amount of CO2e emission from each for 2022/23 and period 1 July 2023- 30 Dec 2023?
  3. Question 3. What are council operations Scope 2 CO2e Emissions and to whom for 2022/23 and period 1 July 2023- 30 Dec 2023?
  4. Question 4. What % of materials has be reused, recycled and new materials have been used in our footpath for 2022/23 and will be used in 2023/4 renewal program?


Greenhouse gases reported under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) Scheme include:

Australian Government crest
Responsible Agency: Federal Gov Clean Energy Regulator

  • carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • methane (CH4)
  • nitrous oxide (N2O)
  • sulphur hexafluoride (SF6)
  • specified kinds of hydrofluorocarbons and perfluorocarbons.

When estimating greenhouse gas emissions, reporters must use applicable methods under the NGER Scheme.

Types of emissions

There are 3 types of greenhouse gas emissions. Your reporting requirements under NGER may vary depending on the type of emissions.

Scope 1 emissions: "direct" emissions

Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions are emissions released into the atmosphere as a direct result of the activities at your facility. For example:

  • emissions from the use of refrigerants in air conditioning units
  • emissions from fuels used in transport
  • fugitive emissions, such as methane leaks from coal mines
  • production of electricity by burning coal.

Scope 1 emissions are also referred to as direct emissions.

Scope 2 emissions: "indirect" emissions

Scope 2 emissions for a facility represent the emissions that were released outside your facility boundary to produce the electricity that you imported into the facility and used. For example, a cement factory which uses electricity from an external electricity grid to run its business would report scope 2 emissions.

In this example, the emissions are directly produced by grid-connected power stations that burn fuel to create the electricity which is then supplied to the grid (and would be reported by these power stations as scope 1 emissions). The grid electricity used by the cement factory, and the associated scope 2 emissions, would be reported by the cement factory.

Scope 2 emissions are also referred to as indirect emissions.

Scope 3 emissions: broader indirect emissions

Scope 3 emissions are indirect emissions other than scope 2 emissions. They occur outside of the boundary of your organisation as a result of your actions.

Scope 3 emissions may occur:

  • upstream, such as the emissions generated in the extraction and production of fossil fuels
  • downstream, such as the emissions from transport of your products.

Reporting emissions under NGER

You must report scope 1 and 2 emissions.

Scope 3 emissions are not reportable under NGER. However, you can use the National Greenhouse Accounts Factors to estimate scope 3 emissions.

You only need to report on activities if there is an applicable method in the NGER Measurement Determination.

"National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quarterly Update: September 2023

Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water
  • Green House NGERs to September 2023
    Quarterly Update of Australia's National Greenhouse Gas Inventory: September 2023 (PDF 3.7MB)
    Quarterly Update of Australia's National Greenhouse Gas Inventory: September 2023 (DOCX 5.3MB)
    Quarterly Update of Australia's National Greenhouse Gas Inventory: September 2023 Data Source (XLSX 5.2MB)
The Quarterly Update of Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory reports on the latest greenhouse gas emissions"....

National Waste Policy

The National Waste Policy provides a national framework for waste and resource recovery in Australia. It also highlights the importance of working together and outlines the roles and responsibilities for everyone - businesses, governments, communities and individuals....

Chapter 15 - Construction Waste

Publisher Summary: The built environment consumes more natural resources than necessary and therefore generates a large amount of waste. This chapter sheds light on the idea of rethinking construction waste management by reengineering processes and practices to reduce construction waste at source.
Waste A Handbook for Management 2011, Pages 207-218

Construction and Demolition Waste

Management Guideline UNSW Sydney Revision 1.0 September 2021

"Strategic direction for waste in NSW

The NSW Government released the NSW Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041 Stage 1 plan: 2021–2027 (the Strategy) in June 2021, which outlines the actions that will be taken over the next 6 years to move towards a circular economy... EPA Waste Delivery Plan

Key focus areas for the Plan are:

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The Dreadnought British War Ship - links to annandale and Virginia Woolfe's prank

"The dreadnought was the predominant type of battleship in the early 20th century."  ...
Came across this newbook at Glebe Library today (23 March 2024)

The Girl Prince by  Danell Jones

Virginia Woolf, Race and the Dreadnought Hoax

A new look at a revolutionary writer, a diverse imperial city, and a controversial trick on the Royal Navy.
Hardback £20.00
October 2023 9781805260066 376 pp, 12 pp b&w illus
Digital Available as an eBook


In February 1910, the future Virginia Woolf played the most famous practical joke in British military history....


  • The "Dreadnought" Hoax.,STEPHEN, Adrian.
    rare book: Peter Harrington,London
    The "Dreadnought" Hoax. by STEPHEN, Adrian. First edition, first impression, of Virginia Woolf's younger brother's account of Horace de Vere Cole's elaborate blackface hoax. This copy has a cutting of Anthony Buxton's obituary laid in, describing him as "Emperor in Abyssinian Hoax".In 1910 Virginia Stephen (later Woolf), Guy Ridley, Anthony Buxton, and Duncan Grant masqueraded as Abyssinian royals, with Adrian Stephen as their "interpreter", and were treated to a tour of the Royal Navy's flagship. £250.00 London: The Hogarth Press, 1936 Stock Code: 158525
  • Johnston, Georgia. “Virginia Woolf’s Talk on the Dreadnought Hoax.Woolf Studies Annual, vol. 15, 2009, pp. 1–45. JSTOR, Accessed 23 Mar. 2024.

Dreadnoughts and Australia and Annandale

The story behind the battlecruiser HMAS Australia by | Jan 15, 2024

The Battlecruiser New Zealand: A Gift to Empire
Book Cover
..."The result was that the Prime Minister, Joseph Ward, decided urgent action was necessary and wrote a Cabinet paper proposing a New Zealand gift, which Cabinet approved on 22 March. Their approval enabled Ward to make an offer the same day, undermining the Australian fleet proposals and – at the same time – stealing the moral effect of making a patriotic gesture to the mother country. The result in Australia was electric, redoubling public demands to do the same. Formal fund-raising began in Sydney, and two of the state governments declared that if the federal government did not offer a dreadnought, they would. Andrew Fisher’s government dragged the chain: they already had a political battle ahead with the Admiralty over their local fleet and had no intention of paying for gift warships atop the local fleet expense. Public opinion differed. In the end it became an election issue, and the incoming ‘fusion’ government of Alfred Deakin offered an Australian gift dreadnought on 4 June, separate from the fleet which remained the core of Australian naval policy."... (viewed 24 March 2024)

Australian Parliament Hansard 1909     


Wednesday, 20 October 1909 Page: 4700

Senator PEARCE asked the Vice-President of the Executive Council, upon notice -

1. Has the attention of the Government. or the Minister of Defence been called to the following statement in a paragraph appearing in the Melbourne Age of the 15th October, 1909 : - " Sydney Dreadnought Fund.

Sydney, Thursday.

The Lord Mayor stated to-day that he was pleased to be able to report that Mr. W. F. Buchanan, who had promised , £10,000 towards the original Dreadnought Fund movement, had that day handed over that amount, to be devoted to the purposes of the naval college and Dreadnought farms. In addition, Mr. H, C. Dangar had forwarded a cheque for £1,000, and Gillespie Bros.£100. Alderman Taylor further expressed pleasure at the manner in which the contributors generally had fallen into line to divide their donations between a naval college and farms.

It is understood that the Commonwealth Government is prepared to accept the gift of a naval college, and will furnish complete plans for its construction on Sydney Harbor foreshores?"

2. Is it a fact that the Commonwealth Government is prepared to accept the gift of a naval college in Sydney?

3. If so, has the Government sought the advice of any naval experts as to -

(a) The advisability of the establishment of a naval college ?

(b) In what locality or localities such college or colleges should be established?

4. Has the Government any information as to the cost and annual upkeep of such establishments ?

5. Was the question of establishing such institutions discussed at the recent Naval and Military Conference, and if so, what recommendations were made?

6. If a number of citizens of other States make similar offers with similar conditions attached, i.e., that the college shall be located in their State, will the Government accept them?

7. Do the Government also propose to take over the suggested " Dreadnought farms," and what is the particular nature of a " Dreadnought farm"?

Senator MILLEN - The answer to the honorable senator's questions is as follows : -

I lay on the table copy of a letter recently received from the Lord Mayor of Sydney conveying an extremely handsome and generous offer to the Commonwealth which, on its behalf, we gratefully accept.

The establishment of a Naval College has been contemplated for a long time and advice from our responsible naval officers taken upon it. No locality or localities have been specially indicated.

The cost is expected to be within the sum offered through the Lord Mayor. The annual upkeep will depend upon the extent of the training to be given, which has yet to be determined. These questions were discussed at and in connexion with the recent Naval and Military Conference, but do not seem to have been the subject of formal recommendations. Any other offers to assist in Australia's naval development will be gladly considered.

No proposals as to farms have been submitted or are expected by the Government. It is understood that the intention is to provide immigrants with some training fitting them for Australian pastoral and agricultural pursuits.

Senator PEARCE - Can the Minister tell the Senate what naval experts were consulted ?

Senator MILLEN - I am unable to do so now, but if the honorable senator will give notice of the question I shall endeavour to supply the information.;query=Id%3A%22hansard80%2Fhansards80%2F1909-10-20%2F0005%22;src1=sm1

DREADNOUGHT FUND. Amount previously acknowledged .£7S,551

Employees David Jones, Ltd.,Hutchinsom-street. Surry Hills 
J Jones and Co., Sussex-street .
Employees J. Jones and Co.
Dr. J. N. Griffiths (London).
Residents of Belmont (Newcastle) ......
Meroo Shire and people of Cumnock ..
Readers of "West Australian" and "West-ern Mill" Newspaper. Perth, W.A...
Albert Robertshaw, Woollahra .
City Bank of Sydney, Hillgrove .
W. Gordon Dixon .
farr H. L!. Ralph .......
People, Murrurundi, Blandford, and Timor
1!. college, Stanmore .
Taylor and Wearing, Redfern .
Employees Messrs. Farmer and Co.
t'oiiimcrnal Banking Co., Milton .
People of Bowral and district.
J. Grandes, Pitt-street ? C
Christesen, Sussex-street as..
T. H. Longshaw, Pitt-street .
D. J. K. Colley, Royal Mint J
W. Callander W
J. Wearne, Glebe .
bank N.S.W.. Newcastle West Branch ..
Commercial Banking Co., Granville .
S. Solomon, Gundagai.
Further amount. Electrical Engineers' Branch, N.S.W. CK. and T. .
Total .'...£78,933 Source: 1909 'DREADNOUGHT FUND.', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 26 June, p. 16. , viewed 23 Mar 2024,

Dreadnought Old Boys Association Plaque at corner of Kendall Lane & Argyle Street, The Rocks, 2000

Inscription: "In 1909, as a contribution to naval defence of the Empire a fund was established for New South Wales to purchase a Dreadnought Cruiser for  the Royal Navy.

When the plan was abandoned on the formation of the Royal Australian Navy, part of the fund was used to bring British youths to this country under a farm apprenticeship program known as "The Dreadnought Scheme."

The first contingent arrived on the S.S.Tanui in April 1911

This plaque commemorates the 5595 Dreadnought Boys who passed this way on their arrival in Sydney between 1911 and 1939, and their  contribution to Australia`s Development.

Many served and some died in two World Wars. Recruited for farm labour, they branched into a wide range of occupations. A number ultimately  achieved community leadership and distinction. Despite early adversities we who now survive recall our youthful venture with satisfaction, and here  record complete affiliation with our adopted land.  28th April 1984"

History:  "The plaque commemorates the 5595 British boys brought to Australia under a farm apprenticeship programme known as "The Dreadnought Scheme" and their contribution to Australia`s development. In 1903, the new Commonwealth of Australia agreed to pay £200,000 per year towards the expenses of the Imperial Squadron in the Pacific, but had no special naval vessels of its own" "...
Former ABC Managing Director "Activist and businessman, David Hill (b.1946), migrated to Australia at the age of twelve as part of Britain’s child migration scheme."..
Allen Arthur Taylor: Born 1864 Died 1940 "Allen Arthur Bate, later changed to Taylor, was born at Wagga Wagga, NSW, on 13 May 1864, the fourth child of John Bate, a Worcestershire bricklayer, and his wife Martha Jane, nee King...On 19 June 1886 at a Presbyterian church [now Hall before the sandstone church with steeple was built] in Annandale, Sydney, he married Adela Mary (1865-1924), the daughter of coach proprietor Robert Elliott and his wife Lucy Ann, nee Sanders, and had one son...He was a founder and chairman of the Dreadnought Trust Fund (1926-31) sponsoring the immigration of British boys for rural work in NSW. ..

Annandale Borough 1894-1949

A petition from 2/3 of the electors was gazetted (1892 'DIVISION OF THE MUNICIPAL DISTRICT OF LEICHHARDT—PETITION FOR.', New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900), 12 December, p. 9747. , viewed 28 Feb 2017, It was proposed that the East Ward of the Municipality of Leichhardt become the separate Borough of Annandale. The new borough was Gazetted on 17 June, 1893 (2) The signatories argued that the ward received too little benefit from their rates and were assigned too great a share of the liabilities, that the population of approximately 5,000 people and the area of 320 acres, the value of the property (£44,000) and the potential rateable value of £2,200 p.a. were sufficient to support a separate borough. (3) - State Records Archives

"At a meeting of the council of the Borough of Annandale, held hist night in the Council Chambers. Trafalgar-street, the application of Mr. W. Fairley was accepted for the position of working overseer. Five applications were received." 1894 'The Labor Members' Manifesto.', Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931), 24 April, p. 3, viewed 9 December, 2013,

Selected Minutes of the Annandale Borough 1894-1923

Source: Minute Books [Municipality of Annandale 14 Feb 1894 - 23 Dec 1948 (State Records NSW)

photographs of aldermen of Annandale Borough

John Young MayorFirst Meeting of the Borough of Annandale held in the Trafalgar Street School Hall on Wednesday ...same evening 14th February 1894 at 8pm....

Allen Taylor - Annandale's Second Mayor

...February 12th, 1896...Election of Mayor...
For Ald John Young Aldermen Ferris, Wells, Francis , Ridge, Gutherie and Young 6
For Ald Allan Taylor Aldermen Smith, Broad, Taylor, Horton and Dwyer 5
...election of works and sanitary committee....Ferris, Taylor Ridge and Dwyer....Finance committee Gutherie, Broad,Wells, Francis...amendment that [Finance] committee exist of whole of council was lost. Lighting laws committee general purposes committee...

Dreadnought-class submarine

Guardian Newspaper Tue 14 Mar 2023: What is the Aukus submarine deal and what does it mean? – the key facts


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NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Ability of local governments to fund infrastructure and services

Councils receive grants from Federal and State Governments as well as Charging Fees (e.g. for School Swimming Carnivals and Domestic Waste Collection) and Rates.

According to monthly investment report Inner West Council currently has $276,000,000 sitting in Banks. - Item 14, 5th March Council Meeting Investment Report at 31 January 2024
"NSW Government announces review into funding model of councils to address financial sustainability concerns
Ron Hoenig – Minister for Local Government
Tuesday, 30 January 2024
The NSW Labor Government is delivering on its election commitment announcing it will implement a review of the financial model for local government to address rising cost pressures facing councils across the state."...

NSW Parliamentary Inquiry: "Ability of local governments to fund infrastructure and services

This inquiry was established on 14 March 2024 to inquire into and report on the ability of local governments to fund infrastructure and services." ...

Financial Assistance Grant program

"The Australian Government will have provided over $67 billion under the Financial Assistance Grant program to local government since 1974–75 (including 2023–24). The grant is provided under the Local Government (Financial Assistance) Act 1995 (the Act).
The Financial Assistance Grant program consists of two components:
  • a general purpose component which is distributed between the states and territories according to population (i.e. on a per capita basis), and
  • an identified local road component which is distributed between the states and territories according to fixed historical shares.
Both components of the grant are untied in the hands of local government, allowing councils to spend the grants according to local priorities.
Local government grants commissions in each state and the Northern Territory recommend the distribution of the funding under the Financial Assistance Grant program to local governing bodies in accordance with the Act and the National Principles for allocating grants."...

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Reenactment of the Rum Rebellion

Higinbotham & Robinson & Higinbotham & Robinson.
[189-?], Camperdown Parish of Petersham
Higinbotham and Robinson, Sydney
viewed 10 March 2024

Aiming to get a 26 jan reenactment of the Rum Rebellion in "Camperdown" which was the catalyst and somewhat ironically is now part of Annandale (eastern side of johnston creek).

George Farwell's play The House that Jack built is about the Rum Rebellion lead by our own Captain Johnston but orchestrated by Macurthur against Governor Bligh.


The ABC has done a Radio Play of the Play
May be an image of book and text that says "MACARTHUR: verdict Letus, if you will, await the history. BLIGH: The verdicts of history, Mr Macarthur, come too late for our practical decisions. THE AUSTRALIAN THEATRE WORKSHOP Burke Company Bill Reed And Big Men Fly Two plays from New Guinea: Alan Hopgood the Cassowary John Kulubob Kaniku The House that Jack Built Turuk Wabei 5 Reedy River George Farwell OTHER TITLES IN ACTIVE PREPARATION Dick Diamond HE-A HEINEMANN EDUCATIONAL AUSTRALIA"
Camperdown name by Bligh (of Fletcher Christian "Mutiny on the Bounty" Fame) 

( Christian was portrayed in films by:
  • Wilton Powers in The Mutiny of the Bounty (1916)
  • Errol Flynn in In the Wake of the Bounty (1933)
  • Clark Gable in Mutiny on the Bounty (1935)
  • Marlon Brando in Mutiny on the Bounty (1962)
  • Mel Gibson in The Bounty (1984))
Annandale after Johnston home in Scotland...

 A Brief History of Camperdown

Marghanita da Cruz

In 1805,the Governor’s Road Committee listed 10 bridges on the Parramatta Road, "as this road was a vital food supply route", from Johnston's Creek (Annandale), to A'Beckett’s Creek (Parramatta), to the following specification
"16 feet wide with Four Sleepers of at least a foot and a half in diameter, either of ironbark or blue gum, bedded on timber of the like dimensions, to be covered with three inch planks, 16 feet long and properly secured by treenails of 1 1⁄2 inch diameter (DMR 1976)." -Timber Beam Bridges Study of Relative Heritage Significance of RTA Controlled Timber Beam Road Bridges in NSW 2000 (1.1MB PDF viewed 20 Feb 2012)

Origin of the name Camperdown

In 1797, Bligh captained the HMS Director in the Battle of Camperdown against the Dutch...

etching of a mans head and shoulders
Captain William Bligh
(State Records NSW, Reel 2786)

1835 Map

July 1835 Map show Bligh's grant, Johnston's Creek and "new turnpike" on Grosse Farm (Glebe) Parramatta Road upto George Street.
Digital Order No. a928466
Call No. M2 811.182/1835/2
Online at the State Library of NSW at;

Camperdown Land Grant

Camperdown, from the Eastern bank of Johnston's Creek to Parramatta Road was granted to William Bligh by Governor King on August 10, 1806.

The Rum Rebellion

By 1800 Johnston was commanding officer of the NSW Corps. When Bligh threatened six of his officers with treason, Johnston responded by leading the Rum Rebellion against Bligh who "needed to be removed from office for his own safety and for the good of the Colony"

Two years later, when Bligh as Governor, threatened to charge members of the NSW Corp with Treason. Johnston lead a mutiny and arrested Bligh, on 26 January 1808 and administered the colony until 28 July.

On the 26 January 1808, Lieutenant Colonel George Johnston arrested Governor Bligh and assumed Lieutenant Governorship. He administered the colony until 28 July 1808 - ....

A Brief History of Camperdown

Dietitions exhibition at RPA

Exhibition about Dietitions at Royal Prince Alfred hospital by their museum. "RPA Museum Founded in 1933, th...