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Rates Harmonisation - Proposed Rating Structure and 20/21 Rates for individual councils..

Agenda Council Meeting 10 November 2020 Item No:         C1120(1) Item 1 Subject:         Harmonisation of Rates              Prepared By:      Daryl Jackson - Chief Financial Officer   Authorised By:  Brian Barrett - Acting General Manager Source: Agenda Council Meeting 10 November 2020 20/21 Rates  [source page 10 of 20/21 budget in "Revised Delivery Program 2018-2022 and combined Operational Plan 2020/21 (PDF 452.1KB)" (note typo the second Ashfield should read Marrickville) ]     Rating Structures Attachment 1 - Minimum rate framework What are minimum rates? A rate - whether ordinary or special - may, at a council's discretion, consist of: • a wholly ad valorem amount (i.e. based wholly on land value), • an ad valorem amount that is subjec