Raising the South Sea Islanders flag at Petersham Town Hall and Pedestrian Safety

In 2018, Inner West Council voted unanimously to support the Australian South Sea Islanders community by:
Flying the Flag of the Australian South Sea Islands annually on South Sea Islander Recognition Day on 25 August. Liaising with the Australian South Sea Islanders Secretariat to investigate the inclusion of an Australian South Sea Islander mural as part of Council’s Perfect Match program in 2019.Making Australian South Sea Islander historical resources available at Council libraries as soon as the academic information comes available. "Among the first laws passed by the new Australian parliament in 1901 when the Commonwealth of Australia came into being was the Pacific Island Labourers Act, ordering the deportation of black Melanesian workers known as kanakas.
Other aspects of what became known as the White Australia Policy have since been rectified, but this shameful stain on our past has yet to be properly addressed.".... Justice for the kanakas: Australia’…

Visit to Wuyagiba Hub at Macquarie University

Following up the Indigenous Science festival at Redfern, Clr Dominic Wy Kanak and I visited the Wuyagiba Hub at Macquarie University with the objective of learning more about  Indigenous Rangers.

Wuyagiba is an small homeland located between the main Aboriginal communities of south east Arnhem Land, Ngukurr and Numbulwar.  
Wuyagiba Bush Hub Aboriginal Corporation is a new corporation set up by the Traditional Owners and Jungayi of Wuyagiba to manage the Study Hub.

"Indigenous rangers not only manage natural resouces by also cultural resources that are linkd to country and indigenous history, like rock art sites, buriel sites, Dreaming places and old camping grounds" - Indigenous women rangers talking: Sharing ideas and information about women ranger's work

"We work as a team, we work for our country, we love our country. We are the Australians, and we have balanda [non-Indigenous] Australians who want to work with us - that is the w…

Westconnex proposes to destroy Buruwan Park and the Crescent Mural

The Crescent Mural On 20 November 2018 Inner West Council voted unanimously to nominate the iconic and much-loved The Crescent mural in Annandale for heritage listing.

The mural was created in 1980 by artist Rodney Monk. The sprawling mural at has been described as ‘the peoples mural’.

It was commissioned by the then-Leichhardt Council as an employment scheme for unemployed artists.

The mural was inspired by the community activism around key events such as opposition to the Vietnam War and the sacking of the Whitlam government, but also social movements such as personal liberation including sexuality, gender, racism and ethnicity, and the self-expression of alternative lifestyles and cultural activities.- The Mural Investigation (2010)

Buruwan Park Over 20 years of bushcare and ecological restoration.

Shared path connecting Railway Parade to the Crescent. Interchange between Light Rail and 433 Bus.4.2

August 21 Modification to Rozelle Interchange approval  increases traffic, air po…

WestConnex M4-M5 Link MOD 2 - Annandale and Rozelle

Increased in traffic, air pollution, noise and loss of mural.

Also despite headline,  issues with Cycling Routes into the city. 
From: "WestConnex M4-M5 Link MOD 2 - The Crescent overpass [Annandale] and active transport" "The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and the Submissions and Preferred Infrastructure Report (SPIR) described and assessed important road network and active transport links at Lilyfield and Rozelle. Specific to the proposed modification those works involved surface works at Rozelle including the realignment and widening of key roads and intersections at and around the junction of The Crescent and City West Link. Further, works involved new and upgraded pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure including new north south connections between the new open space at the Rozelle Rail Yards, Rozelle
Bay light rail stop and Bicentennial Park."
"Proposed modification• A new elevated vehicular overpass (‘The Crescent overpass’) that would allow eastbou…

Reducing Speed Limits

Melbourne 30kmph speed limit  in Collingwood and Fitzroy in 12-month trial is being led by the Yarra Council and may be introduced to other parts of Melbourne - 8 August 2018

USA (25mph= 40.23360kph & 20mph= 32.18688kmph) All 2,400 miles of Seattle’s residential (non-arterial) streets are 20 MPH, which is the same speed limit as our school speed zones... NEW Speed Limit Map July 30, 2018
New York City testing the idea of a “neighborhood slow zone”—a relatively infrastructure-light path to safer streets that drops speed limits to 20 mph on interior roads in residential areas. 

Philadelphia will pick 2 from more than two dozen applications for slow-speed corridors

Portland, Oregon, just wrapped up a campaign installing more than 2,000 new signs to bring residential streets down to 20 mph, along with educational “20 is…

Annandale to Glebe via Harold Park

Harold Park

Wigram Road

Glebe Point Road