Yaama Ngunna Baaka Corroboree Festival 2019

Uncle Bruce Shillingsworth's Corroboree 2019 is now close.

Corroboree unifies communities and people who share common cultural beliefs about the “vein of our belonging, being and becoming” that is the Barwon-Namoi- Baaka River. Join our afternoon activities, evening corroboree and overnight camps along it at: 

Walgett – Saturday 28 September – Walgett Showground on Wee Waa St.
Brewarrina – Sunday 29 September – Doyle Street Park on the Barwon River.
Bourke – Monday 30 September – 2CUZ FM on the corner of Kamilaroi Highway & Monomeeth St.
Wilcannia – Tuesday 1 October – Baker Park on Reid St. 
Menindee – Wednesday 2 October –  Bourke & Wills Campsite on Lake Pamamaroo....
PROGRAMMING will BEGIN AT TWO PM each day, structured in ways that the local Aboriginal organisations and representatives have shaped. All festival-goers will follow protocols and participate in the processes that local Elders have devised....

More at

The Jou…

Inner West Council's Local Area Improvement Strategy (LAIS) to protect our streets from WestConnex induced traffic

In 2016 the Administrator of Inner West Council's commissioned consultants to:
undertake traffic modelling to identify potentially-affected streets, and develop a WestConnex Local Area Improvement Strategy (LAIS) to protect these streets. 8 May 2018: C0518 Item 4      WestConnex Local Area Improvement Strategy
Motion: (Drury/McKenna OAM)
THAT Council:
1. Adopts the draft WestConnex Local Area Improvement Strategy (LAIS); and

2. Writes to the Minister for Roads and other relevant ministers, forwarding the         adopted LAIS with a request for funding of proposed LAIS works. Council to     argue that Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) funding is justified as the need for     these works is a direct result of WestConnex. Council recognises that while          Stage 3 may reduce traffic on some local streets, others will worsen as a result         of Stages 1, 2 and/or 3. Council remains opposed to all stages of WestConnex,      preferring public transport solutions to Sydney’s tr…

Buruwan Park Rally for the Trees

Big turnup at Buruwan Park this morning.

WIRES had not been notified. There is at least one nest in the tree. The community will need to be vigilent.

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 Message from "Foreshore Community"
M4 - M5 Rozelle Interchange

If you haven’t already heard RMS have released a modification to the M4-M5 Rozelle Interchange which will now include a new car overpass at The Crescent and significant changes to the promised pedestrian and cyclist access routes.  
The Crescent overpass and active transport links Modification will remove the continuous GreenLink connecting Rozelle across the City-West Link to the foreshore. The Greenlink was designed to safely reconnect Innerwest communities and provide direct access to the water.
There seem to be a number of significant impacts to our community and how we safely access the foreshore from Annan…

Litany of on the fly Amendments to Tree DCP - Video and Minutes of 27 August 2019 Council Meeting

Agenda Papers for 27 August 2019 Council Meeting
Minutes Council Meeting 27 August 2019 :   C0819(2) Item 1  Tree Management DCP

   Motion: (Macri/Passas)

    That Council amend the Tree DCP policy to include the following:

1. The following new objectives:

a. To maintain and enhance the amenity of the Inner West Local Government Area through the perseveration or appropriate trees and vegetation; b. To ensure the cost burden of meeting tree canopy targets does not fall unreasonably on property owners and lower income residents in particular; and c. Encourage private property owners to plant new trees and replace inappropriate trees in order to meet Council’s tree canopy targets.
2. Amend objective 3 to read “to ensure the safety of the community, private property and public infrastructure assets.”;

3. Amend prescribed trees (2.20.3) to be 6 meters rather than 5 meters in height;

4. A schedule of tree species which are exemptions for the need of a tree permit as detailed in the tabled …

Today's perambulation to the Traffic Committee Meeting

As the alternate chair of the Traffic Committee for the last two years I have attended meetings and chaired a couple in the absence of the Councillor who was appointed Chair.

The Traffic Committee Meetings are once a month at Petersham which is a pleasant stroll through Annandale and Stanmore.

The Walk takes me past this 1900 Brick Sewer Vent 

Opposite the Gallery on Northumberland Avenue is Natty's Cafe

Continuing across Parramatta Road, a sign about Chilli catches my eye.

So Inner West, Lou with his Chilli Sauce at Cocoacoffee where he has diversified into chilli sauce and oils as well as stocking dried chillies.

103 Parramatta Road Annandale

Louis and Terence roast their own coffee beans and make their own chocolate onsite and from scratch. All of their sources are direct trade - straight from the farmer to your coffee

Another beautiful tree in the grounds of the Annandale Public School, which is under threat from the on the fly amendments to the Tree…

Opening of the New Marrickville Library

The new Marrickville Library & Pavilion is at Patyegarang Place, 313 Marrickville Rd (cnr of Marrickville & Livingstone Rds)
For the first time, there will be a robotic collection available to borrow.
The entire second floor is dedicated to the Council’s historic art book collection that until now – due to space issues - has not been easily accessible to the public...