Boomalli Opening of NAIDOC Week 2019 Exhibition

Voice Treaty Truth Boomalli's NAIDOC Week exhibition opening Thursday 13th June 2019.

NAIDOC week is 7-14 July, 2019 but as artists are in great demand that week, the exhibition opened early and continues until Sunday, 28th July 2019 at
55 - 59 Flood Street

The exhibition includes work by 9 Artists on this year's  NAIDOC theme is "Voice, Treaty, Truth"

Rachael Hocking, from NITV's The Point covered the event for broadcast on Wednesday 19 June on NITV at 8.30pm.

With a performance by Buuja Buuja Butterfly Dance Group led by Wiradjuri woman, Rayma Johnson.

This exhibition is funded by Inner West Council Stronger Communities Grant and Create NSW. Sponsored by Grifter Brewing Co. and P & V Liquor Merchants.

What could be...Marrickville Golf Course and Greenway

As someone who made a point of playing in the 18 hole women's competition while I still had my golf handicap Lane Cove golf club at the start of my election campaign. I have since, given up my club membership and associated handicap insurance etc and have not had the chance to play much golf.

I have walked through the golf course (without golf sticks) on at least three occasions - to check out the community consultation which was held there. to the community meeting and to a Greenway briefing (the Greenway starts at the far end of the golf course.
The clubhouse is different to the golf course. The Club house is not part of the masterplan - that is a lease between the state and the club.

Lane Cove is a 9 hole golf course whose operation is tendered out by Lane Cove Council. The Council manages the course and the club has negotiated time for golf competitions on the course. The course is in a remnant bush setting with degraded waterways running through it and a gully whic…

Bringing Indigenous Rangers to the Inner West

Inner West Council unanimously resolved Item No: C0619(1) Item 6

Subject:         Notice of Motion: Indigenous Rangers From:             Councillor Marghanita Da Cruz    Motion: THAT Council seek to establish an Indigenous Ranger Program and approach Federal Government for funding.

Indigenous Rangers are specialists whose work would relate to our bushcare programs and sites of Indigenous Signifcance in the Inner West. We don't currently have rangers or specialist indigenous knowledge in the bushcare-biodiversity area. 
Cr DominicWy Kanak chair of the ERLGATSIF is supportive and the forum could be used to progress this across all the member councils (Waverley, Woolahra, Bayside, Randwick, City of Sydney and Inner West Council). 
According to the Prime Minister and Cabinet website, “the Indigenous ranger projects were first funded in 2007 through the former Working on Country Program and create meaningful employment, training and career pathways for Aboriginal and Torre…

Thankyou Mary and Frank Bonfante of Frank's Fruit Market, Haberfield.

A very special part of last night's council meeting was for Inner West Council to recognise Mary and Frank Bonfante for their contribution to the economic and cultural life of Haberfield and beyond over 45 years.

Sharon Laura came to speak on behalf of the community in support of Clr Lucille McKenna's Notice of Motion.
Councillor Rochelle Porteous - Inner West Council thanked the Bonfantes in Italian. Clr Vittorio Macri empathasised on the trials and tribulations of family businesses.

Special dispensation was sought to make the presentation and take photographs in the Council Chamber. The motion was passed unanimously.

Item No: C0619(1) Item 11
Subject: Notice of Motion: Mary and Frank Bonfante
From: Councillor LucilleMcKenna OAM


1. Council acknowledge Frank and Mary Bonfante and family for their contribution to the community of Haberfield through their long standing family business, Franks Fruit Market, Hab…

Need to Standardise Path and Pedestrian Safety Signage and Marking

We need to improved and standardise pedestrian and cycle amenity and safety

path signage and marking to reinforce the law and in some cases to inform the etiquette including:

10kmph on Road Shared ZonesPedestrian/Cycle Shared ZonesPedestrian/Cycle separated ZonesAt Grade Pedestrian Crossings to include speed guidance Wombat Crossing Signs to incorporate Pedestrian Crossing, Hump and Speed Speed Limits on Footpaths and Shared PathsThat all Paths are OnLeash
Signage is inconsistent on Roads giving mixed messages to motorists and endangering pedestrians and cyclists.


Sutherland, Crossings, Shared Roads and Birds