Sydney Green Grid (central district) - Army Land at 140 Hawthorne Pde, Haberfield

  source: Sydney Green Grid (central district)  "Known as the Sydney Green Grid, it is an integral part of the Greater Sydney Region and District Plans. Underpinning Greener Places, the draft green infrastructure policy, the Green Grid promotes sustainable development while maximising quality of life and wellbeing." - Creek from Ashfield Park to Long Cove Creek (Hawthorne Canal) runs through the site making it perfect for a wetland to filter out pollutants including excess nutrients and to reduce runoff. See Map at

36th Batallion at the Army Land Haberfield

"36th Battalion (The St. George English Rifle Regiment): Haberfield" - " The 36 th  Battalion, “Carmichael’s Thousand : In 1915, the New South Wales Minister for Public Information and member for Leichhardt Campbell Carmichael ran a recruiting drive which resulted in the formation of the 9th Brigade comprising the 33 rd , 34 th , 35 th and 36 th Battalions." ... St George's English Rifle Regiment:The 36th Battalion was raised again in 1921, as a part-time Citizens Force unit, with its Boer war name of St George's English Rifle Regiment." ... " Cecil Sydney SMITH  was a 23 year old Plasterer from Haberfield in NSW when he signed his AIF Enlistment Form on the 14th of December 1915. He was a member of the ‘Haberfield Rifle Club’ " -

Pedestrian Safety in Leichhardt

Tragic week in Leichhardt with two pedestrians accidents. 12 October 2021 Accident: Locals lay flowers for Valentina Gioia, killed in Leichhardt road acciden: 11 Oct 2021:Sydney mum with pram hit by car in horror accident while walking along footpath   Accident Norton/Marion Sts 16 May 2021 Agenda Council Meeting 12 October 2017 Notices of Motion from ClR Marghanita Da Cruz 14. Notice of Motion: Pedestrian Safety on Croydon Road, Croydon Recommendation     Minute     15. Notice of Motion: Pedestrian Safety on Frederick Street, Ashfield Recommendation     Minute     16. Notice of Mo

Item No: C0921(3) Item 6 Subject: Zero Waste Strategy Targets/ Council Meeting Agenda TUESDAY 28 SEPTEMBER 2021

Questions and clarification, including basedline at Item No: C0921(3) Item 6 Subject: Zero Waste Strategy Target RECOMMENDATION: THAT Council note the short and long term targets under the Zero Waste Strategy DISCUSSION  On 3 August 2021, Council resolved to; 3. Receive a report on the short and medium term targets under the strategy and plan for ensuring Council will monitor achievement of these interim targets.  The table below details these targets with some examples of the actions that will be undertaken to reach them:   Priority Targets (Strategy targets highlighted)   Monitoring   Reporting Short-term 2021-2025 Medium-Term 2026-2030 Long-term 2031-2036 Avoid waste generation             Actions: Reduce waste landfilled per resident by 10% by

Monitoring Zero Waste at Inner West Council 28 Sep 2021:Questions on Update on Waste Strategy

28 Sep 2021:Update on Waste Strategy Item No: C0921(3) Item 6 Subject: Zero Waste Strategy Targets/ Council Meeting Agenda TUESDAY 28 SEPTEMBER 2021 ( )  Questions A)the baseline data for the waste streams identified in report;  The baseline data for the Zero Waste Strategy was from 2015/16 as this was amalgamation year. Data will be compared against this baseline in quarterly corporate reporting.   B)Litter to include Dog Poo and Cigarette Butts; Litter includes a range of items including cigarette butts as detailed in the NSW Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041 – Stage 1 2021-27. NSW Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041   C)Investigation of Drop off for small items eg x-rays through product stewardship/EPA schemes at community centres/libraries/service centres as well as businesses; IWC is currently looking to implement a range of collection/ drop-off opportunities to improve