Inner West Council Property

To be clear, the 24 September 2019 Council Resolution was to call for Expressions of Interest for a number of extremely valuable Council Properties including:
Depots in St Peters (beside the Passenger and Freight Rail Lines, in Leichhardt (on Catherine Street and the Community Recycling Centre), in Summer Hill and in Balmain. Buildings which currently provide accomodation for Council Staff and also community meeting rooms, a library and Town Halls at Petersham, Leichhardt and Ashfield. Car parks at Petersham and Leichhardt (remember the Marion Street Cottages which were sterilising the site!) Luckily THE BOWER Reuse & Repair Centre came to speak at the meeting and a Reuse facility was included.

We need to hear much more about community and council "requirements" including facilities to support our Bushcare Volunteers, Community Activities, Recreation and Social Enterprises.

We need lots of Social Infrastructure from Parks for trees and people to meeting …

Yaama Ngunna Baaka 2019



Corroboree in townships of the Lower Baaka
28 September to 2 October 2019 

Walgett – Saturday 28 September –Walgett Showground on Come by Chance Rd. Brewarrina – Sunday 29 September – Doyle Street Park on the Barwon River. Bourke – Monday 30 September – 2CUZ FM on the corner of Kamilaroi Highway & Monomeeth St. Wilcannia – Tuesday 1 October – Baker Park on Reid St.  Menindee – Wednesday 2 October –  Bourke & Wills Campsite on Lake Pamamaroo.
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Buruwan Park, Annandale

25 Sep 2019 Destroying trees to build a motorway in 2019!

 Minutes Council Meeting11 December 2018C1218(1) Item 48         Buruwan Park Annandale Compulsory Acquisition Under S175     Of The Roads Act Or Offer To Purchase The Lease Interest

Councillor Byrne requested that the meeting consider an Urgency Motion with regards to Buruwan Park Annandale Compulsory Acquisition Under S175 Of The Roads Act Or Offer To Purchase The Lease Interest.

Motion: (Byrne/McKenna OAM)
THAT the motion be considered as a matter of urgency.
Motion Carried For Motion:                 Crs Byrne, Drury, Hesse, Iskandar, Kiat, Lockie, McKenna OAM, Passas, Raciti, Stamolis, Steer and York Against Motion:          Crs Da Cruz and Porteous Absent:                                  Crs Passas and York
The Mayor declared this matter was urgent.

Motion: (McKenna OAM/Drury)
1.       The General Manager (or delegate) neg…

Permbulation & Bushcare Annandale-Leichhardt-Haberfield

Walked down to the end of Annandale Street and caught the light rail at Rozelle Bay Station.

While waiting for the Tram checked out Westconnex destruction of trees in Buruwan Park.

Also noticed an impressive specimen of Grevillea longifolia (red flowers and saw tooth leaves)

Alighting at Leichhardt North, walked along Blackmore Oval where a new shared path is being constructed.

 Joined volunteers doing bushcare in Richard Murden Reserve.

We pulled out the weeds which were thriving and full of seeds.

But at the same time noticed that there were a lot of the local provenance plants that had been put in hanging in there and in the case of two ground covers  holding their own.
Interested in getting involved in Bushcare?No experience is required - all you need to bring is a hat and water, wear suitable clothing and sturdy shoes. A site supervisor will be there to get you started and will provide gloves, tools and morning tea....…