Australia's Building Mess!

NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Regulation of building standards, building quality and building disputesThis inquiry was established on 4 July 2019 to inquire into and report on the regulation of building standards, building quality and building disputes.
Terms of Reference:Inquiry into the regulation of building standards, building quality and building disputes
1. That the Public Accountability Committee inquire into and report on the regulation of building standards, building quality and building disputes by government agencies in New South Wales,

(a) the role of private certification in protecting building standards, including:(i)conflicts of interest
(ii) effectiveness of inspections
(iii) accountability of private certifiers
(iv) alternatives to private certifiers,

(b) the adequacy of consumer protections for owners and purchasers of new
apartments/dwellings, and limitations on building insurance and compensation schemes,including:
(i) the extent of insurance coverage and lim…

Aged Care in the Inner West - 168 Norton Street, Leichhardt

Council Officers have inspected the vicinity - following our meeting I requested they look at the issue of pedestrian safety and vehicles turning into Macauley Street from Norton Street. Please see points A & B below.

With regard to the Panel Determination and Recommendation: I am advised there was a council traffic engineer present and they did provide verbal advice to the panel. From the public gallery, I only observed the consultation with the applicant’s traffic engineer.

With respect to financial contributions: S.7.11 (formerly S.94) contributions apply to the commercial component of the development. Development contributions are not applicable to the seniors housing component of the development. The S.7.11 contribution for the DA will be approximately $17,000. The VPA for this site, was a separate process.

Officers have advised this is the recommendation made by the Planning Panel to the Council’s Local Traffic Committee for their consideration:

1 The possibility …

Just another day in the Inner West!

A full Saturday, setting out about 9.15am.

Waiting for the 461 on Parramatta Road, opposite Nelson Street I noticed the trucks hurtling past.

Guess they were going to and from the Annandale dive site a little further east.

The speed limit is 60kmph and the trucks seemed to be doing that and then some.

Caught the tail end of the 8am "show of displeasure" at the opening of the M4 East Tunnels at Ashfield and Haberfield. Observed trucks avoiding the tunnel.

Continued along Parramatta Road on Foot along the Westconnex constructed shared path to Bland Street and the Pedestrian Bridge, where another group were packing up after showing their displeasure at the opening of westconnex.

Continuing along Parramatta Road, to Frederick St, through Hammond Park to  Church Street to Croydon Road and Edwin Lane, to attend the smoking ceremony for the new mural in Edwin Lane Croydon.

Then stumbled across a little laneway along the railway tracks before checking out work at the Ashfield Pool an…

Ashfield Pool and Elizabeth Street Playground

13 July 2019: Redevelopment is proceeding. The indoor pool (not its building) and the grandstand will be the only bits retained.

This is a big project for Council the new facility will incorporate:
a gymindoor poolsoutdoor poolsa kids facilitycommunity centre
Council has no community facilities in the vicinity, despite a significant population.

Trucks avoiding the Westconnex Tunnel on Saturday Morning

Large Trucks seemed to be avoiding the Westconnex Tunnel and using Parramatta Road at Ashfield and Haberfield on Saturday morning, 13 July 2019

And hurtling past pedestrians and cyclists at 60kmph.

Mural Edwin Lane Croydon (between 93 and 95 Edwin Street)

Aunty Jenny Thompson performed an acknowledgement that we were on the land of the Wangal people and smoking ceremony at the new mural in Edwin Lane Croydon yesterday morning.

Aunty Jenny said the smoking ceremony was about the art work - Croydon -Past Present and Future not the Sorry Business nearby.

Artist George Rose explained the symbols in her work: 
Yellow was Tosha Thakkar's favourite colour and the lotus flower, the national floral emblem of to Tosha 's home country of India, White rabbit that was regularly walked in the laneway, Rose Blossom was from the crest of the nearby Presbyterian Girls School which overlooks the lane and the Turpentine blossoms n various states of bloom were a reminder of the Turpentine forests of the past and of what will be.

The Consul General of India spoke and they are continuing to try to contact Tosha's family from the state of Gujarat.

We also heard very moving words from the Homicide officer in charge of the case, who attended with…

'Yaama Ngunna Baaka' Corroborees Festival

Corroboree 2019 has been instigated by Bruce Shillingsworth and is taking form to happen from the 28 September to 3 October 2019 in the townships of the Lower Baaka. 
"Our rivers are the blood of the earth. Without water, nothing survives, there will be no life. We need our rivers to survive in order to survive ourselves" ...
"You are invited to "Yaama Ngunna Baaka" Corroboree Festival, a roving, week-long corroboree program to be held along the lower Baaka (Darling River) in early October 2019."...
"Informal and formal Aboriginal and Aboriginal dance networks have been activated by YAAMA NGUNNA BAAKA’s director, Bruce Shillingsworth Snr., who has a long history of working as a dancer, cultural educator and organiser across NSW. Bruce is a Murawari – Budgiti man from northwestern NSW, now residing in Waterloo, Sydney"....

Yaama Ngunna Barka Exhibition, Mosman Ar…