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Harmonisation of Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marricville Rates

  There will be a second Extraordinary Council meeting, on monday night at 6.30 via zoom, to determine whether we make a submission to IPART (Independent Pricing Regulatory Tribunal) for a new Harmonised Residential minimum of $850 across the Inner West LGA.    The proposal is only to change the minimum, which affects how much individual properties pay. It will not to change the amount of income the Council gets to deliver services.    To increase the revenue that council collects would require a Special Rate Variation (SRV).   The alternatives for Harmonisation are not to exceed the Marrickville Residential Minimum Rate of $710. The Leichhardt Residential Minimum is $686.    If Council does not determine a Residential minimum for next financial year. We have been advised that the default of $546 will apply across the LGA. $820 is the Ashfield Business Minimum. Ashfield has a base residential rating structure instead of a Minimum.    State Government has legislated that "New&q

Rates Harmonisation Extraordinary Council Meeting 23 Feb 2021

  4 motions were put forward at tonight's extraordinary council meeting and none were resolved. This reflected the challenge we are facing in harmonising rates.   Over January, the community overwhelmingly rejectied the proposal to introduce new min rates of $850/$820.   Tonight Greens proposed that we recognise this rejection and defer Harmonisation until after we run a referendum on the amalgamation at the elections in September.   Moved Porteous/Hesse That Council: Notes the significant community opposition to the proposal for rates “harmonisation" Notes that Community Consultation overwhelmingly rejects the minimum rates tabled in point 3 of the Council officer’s recommendation (Minimum rates $850 residential/$820 business). Recognises that the inherent unfairness of this “rates harmonization” process which results in the benefit of lower rates to some residents being at the cost of higher rates to others. Notes that the only fair way to proceed is to remove winners a