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The new pool at Ashfield has been officially opened...

Main Pool The new pool at the corner of Frederick and Elizabeth Streets Ashfield was officially opened last Saturday.  The COVID restrictions meant it was a subdued affair with deserted pools until the public were allowed in at 11am. The facility includes: an Indoor Pool an outdoor pool with a moveable floor for waterpolo an outdoor 50m pool an outdoor splash pool a creche and multi-purpose room a gym three activity rooms cafe and shop  More at Water Polo Net Lift Steam Room Sauna Spa Indoor Pool

No to Incineration of Inner West Waste

Grateful to Chis Hanson for coming to speak to the at tonight's Council meeting where Inner West Council emphatically resolved:   NOM: No to Incineration of Inner West Waste From: Councillor Marghanita Da Cruz   Motion: THAT Council: Adopts principles of avoidance, resource recovery and the circular economy in providing domestic waste services; Incorporate avoidance, resource recovery and the circular economy in our planning instruments; Include information for residents on website about recycling construction waste; Reports on the breakdown of materials used in our Capital Works projects as new, reused and recycled; Reports on the website where materials collected in our kerbside collections, parks and streets maintenance go; Prohibits council's contractors from channelling domestic and commercial (except medical) waste collected in the LGA to incineration; and Opposes the construction of incinerators euphemistically called “waste to energy” and “thermal treatment plant” in M