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Inner West De-merger business case - localisation in a large council

In my view (but I could be wrong as I was only a community member and not a councillor on Leichhardt Council), the business case assumes we have acheived all that was promised by the amalgamation and shows no understanding of the pain the community has endured and the reduction of services. It is true that councillors now need to be across a larger area in the case of Gulgadya it extends from half of Annandale, to Croydon, taking in Haberfield and Leichhardt (suburb) as well as a part of Ashfield (suburb) along Parramatta Road. Half was in Leichhardt and the other half in Ashfield council with their very different policies and services.   Examples are: Scheduled vs Booked Pickups (even those in the Marrickville LGA are complaining about dumping and they loved their booked service) The selection of people for the so called "Local Democracy" groups the administrator set up to replace the open advisory committees (I was a regular at the Heritage Committee of Leichhardt Coucil an

Low Carbon Precincts - Literature search

Bruny Island Battery Trial "CONSORT is an ARENA funded research project and field trial, which addresses how batteries can be used by householders to manage their energy while simultaneously being used to help manage the network. During the trial, 34 battery systems were installed in homes on Bruny Island in Tasmania’s south-east. Working in conjunction with rooftop solar generation, these batteries are coordinated to alleviate congestion on Bruny’s undersea power supply cable and to reduce the reliance on costly and polluting diesel generation during peak season, helping to stabilise network voltages within acceptable levels, while simultaneously enabling householders to make optimal use of their own solar power generation." - Local Planning Panel Report 29 March - Parramatta Road Corridor (Stage 1 LEP Phase 2A)  "Inner West Council Planning Proposal: Parramatta Road Corridor Stage – 1 (LEP2A) includes incentive provisions to enhance


Very pleased to have been a part of this in putting up motions to ensure Inner West Council waste does not end up being incinerated. Chris Hanson came to speak to council on the issue. See 13 JULY 2022: END OF THE ROAD FOR SUEZ’S INCINERATOR With the passing of the NSW EPA’s Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Amendment (Thermal Energy from Waste) Regulation on Friday, residents of SE Sydney can now breathe easier. [ ]   The amendments now form part of the Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Regulation 2021 and would prohibit Veolia’s (formerly Suez’s) proposal to burn waste at OPAL’s Matraville Paper Mill.   Last night, the local community who have waged war against Veolia ever since the proposal to build a waste incinerator at OPAL’s Matraville Paper Mill was first raised in 2019, learne

History of the Inner West Council

Fit for the Future Assessment  Summary (2015) Leichhardt Council Marrickville Council Ashfield Council Local Government - Fit for the future Review Completed Review of Local Council Fit For The Future proposals Administrator's End of Term Report (2017)           10. Conclusion There is no doubt that