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Open Government Workshop 2 - Sydney

Pleasantly surprised about results from today's OGP overflow workshop in Sydney . Though only a small group we came up with two nice ideas. Good to also catch up with Rosie Williams who runs 1. An Integrity Framework #IntegrityFramework 2. A Deliberation Day #DeliberationDay   

Want to help save wildlife after the fires? You can do it in your own backyard

Want to help save wildlife after the fires? You can do it in your own backyard Holly Kirk , RMIT University ; Brendan Wintle , University of Melbourne ; Casey Visintin , University of Melbourne ; Freya Thomas , RMIT University ; Georgia Garrard , RMIT University ; Kirsten Parris , University of Melbourne ; Kylie Soanes , University of Melbourne ; Pia Lentini , University of Melbourne , and Sarah Bekessy , RMIT University People living in cities far from the unprecedented bushfires this summer may feel they can do little more to help beyond donating to organisations that support affected wildlife. But this is not necessarily the case: ten of the 113 top-priority threatened animal species most affected by the fires have populations in and around Australian cities and towns. Conserving these populations is now even more critical for the survival of these species. Here we provide various practical tips on things people can do in their own backyards and neighbourhoods to help some

Local Strategic Planning Statement

Item No:         C0220(2) Item 7 Inner West Council Agenda 25 Feb 2020 Subject:         Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement - Post Exhibition Report              Prepared By:      Louise Higginson - Strategic Planner   Authorised By:  Harjeet Atwal - Senior Manager Planning RECOMMENDATION THAT Council: 1.       Endorse the Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) (Attachment 1) for submission to the Greater Sydney Commission; and 2.       Delegate authority to the CEO to ‘make’ the LSPS following receipt of written support from the Greater Sydney Commission, addressing any requirements or conditions which may be included and publish it on the NSW Planning Portal. DISCUSSION The draft Local Strategic Planning Statement (draft LSPS) provides a broad land use planning vision for Inner West to 2036. The statement outlines the special characteristics which contribute to the local identity of the area, how growth and change

sorter of co-mingled yellow bins going out of business

The sorter of co-mingled yellow bins going out of business. Noting that the former Leichhardt Council area has yellow and blue bins (separating containers from paper) while the Marrickville/Ashfield areas have co-mingled yellow bins and differing associated charges. At opening of St Peters Community Recycling Centre "Inner West Council said it was investigating its "future recycling requirements" and looking to consolidate processing contracts for three areas within its boundaries." - Sydney recycling plant to shut as market prices collapse, costs soar,SMH, February 12, 2020 The above article also notes the funding provide by the NSW Government to  keep the plant open " The closure comes three years after the plant received a $5 million grant from the NSW government to help pay for installing equipment that proces

Inner West Domestic Waste Charges (13 Feb 2020)