Thursday, March 30, 2023

Public Exhibition of 23/24 Budget and operational plan (against 4 year Community Strategic Plan)

The 23/24 Budget and operational plan (against 4 year Community Strategic Plan) will be presented to council on 14 May.

It will include KPIs (good metrics are important because they drive behavior) and should be basically same structure with different numbers and tasks to do in the coming year.

The draft will then go on public exhibition for adoption by council before 30 June.

Later in the year an annual report and audited financial statements will be adopted for publication

Information about Rates here

"How Rates and other Charges spent" (Viewed 30 March 2023)
Capital and major projects $39
Resource recovery planning and operations $10
Parks and streetscapes operations: $8
Children's services: $7
Sports and recreation: $7
Civil maintenance: $5
Libraries, history, community venues and centres: $5
Parking and ranger services: $4
Strategic planning and economic development: $3
Facilities management: $3
Events, living arts, community wellbeing, social and cultural planning: $2
Development assessment: $2
Urban forest: $1
Engineering services: $1
Urban ecology and sustainability: $1
Building certification, environmental health and building regulation: $1
Traffic and transport planning: $1

Quarterly, Monthly and Annual Reports Here

community strategic plan

4 year community strategic plan

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