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Recreation Plan and Hammond Park Plan of Management

  Inner West Council is currently consulting on   * 5 year Plan of Management for Hammond Park, Ashfield   * Recreation Strategy Playground Simple Change of Signage from Male/Female to Unisex   Organised Sport needs are articulated and funded but the RECREATION NEEDs of the majority of the population who do not participate in organised sport are often forgotten.  In 2021/22 41% of Australians [aged 15+] participate in a sport-related activity at least once a week. Leaving 59% to find some other kind of recreation.       Honing Ball skills For Women the most popular sport-related activities with estimated participants Source:   Girls aged 0-14 Swimming - 942,000 Gymnastics - 415,000 Netball

Heritage Electricity Substations

Last Tuesday(20 June 2023) an item 15 was presented to Inner West Council, which notified Councillors that AUSGRID intended to delist 10 substations " In December 2021, Ausgrid contacted the Council to advise of the intent to delist several Section 170 heritage items " Councillors resolved 7-6 not to proceed with Investigation of substations. Council Agenda Papers and Minutes at SMH articles of 15 and 20 June here here: AUSGRID was ofcourse privatised. As a NSW government agency its Heritage items were protected by section 170 of Heritage Act. Heritage and Conservation Register Many of the state's heritage items are owned or manage

Leading a Reform Agenda on Waste (NOM 20 June 2023 Council Meeting)

  Item No:         C0623(1) Item 27 Subject:         Notice of Motion: Leading a Reform Agenda on Waste             From:             Councillor Marghanita Da Cruz        MOTION   1.   That Council notes councils have a key role to play in reducing waste and its impact on the environment 2.   That Council notes across the Sydney metropolitan area, 55 per cent of household and commercial waste goes to landfill each year, resulting in loss of valuable resources, costing businesses and households more than $750 million in waste levies each year. 3.   That Council will work with other Sydney councils to a)   reduce waste; b)   improve environmental outcomes where waste has to be processed; c)   find solutions for the residue that is left; and d)   coordinate our advocacy, communications and collective buying power to bring the benefits of scale, efficiency and industry confidence. 4.   That Council write to the NSW Gover