Sunday, June 25, 2023

Recreation Plan and Hammond Park Plan of Management


Inner West Council is currently consulting on
* 5 year Plan of Management for Hammond Park, Ashfield

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Simple Change of Signage from Male/Female to Unisex
Organised Sport needs are articulated and funded but the RECREATION NEEDs of the majority of the population who do not participate in organised sport are often forgotten. 
In 2021/22 41% of Australians [aged 15+] participate in a sport-related activity at least once a week. Leaving 59% to find some other kind of recreation.
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Honing Ball skills

For Women the most popular sport-related activities with estimated participants Source:
Girls aged 0-14
Swimming - 942,000
Gymnastics - 415,000
Netball - 293,000
Football/Soccer - 237,000
Basketball - 154,000
Young Adult aged 15-24
Running/Athletics - 320,000
Netball - 291,000
Swimming - 271,000
Basketball - 153,000
Football/Soccer - 151,000
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Throwing Hoops
Adult aged 25-54
Running/Athletics - 1,138,000
Swimming - 1,135,000
Cycling - 668,000
Netball - 322,000
Tennis - 285,000
Mature Adult aged 55+
Swimming - 660,000
Cycling - 335,000
Running/Athletics - 186,000
Golf - 177,000
Tennis - 159,000
It was good to hear locals explain the features of Hammond Park, their neighbourhood park. 
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Ashfield Pirates cool little food truck!
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Heritage Home and Visitors Change Rooms
The single cubicle toilets are actually UNISEX and the little building include Home and Visitor Change Rooms as well as a store room.
This neighbourhood park currently has a variety of visitors on Sundays to hone personal football skills, through a few hoops to train your eye and just run to your hearts delight in the sun. 
There are lots of residents in surrounding Units who rely on the open space. It would be nice if residents of the Aged Care could visit the park too.
The birds and wildlife also enjoy the park along with frisby throwers, people boosting their vitamin D or Kite flying.
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Doing Laps
There are early morning Tai Chi regulars and afternoon Martial Arts practice. The fence along Frederick St and Netball Hoop are new additions.
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Raised Pedestrian Crossing Needed
Dropping the speed limit on Frederick St further and Raising the Henry St crossing would make it safer for those walking and cycling to the park.
Making Lucy St one way with Knocklade St, reducing the speed to 30k and maybe introducing parking along the park (including Disabled Parking) are possibilities for improving traffic management. 

Make a submission on both by Monday 24 July 2023

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