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Inner West Council Administrator, General Managers and Councillors

May 2016
: Inner West Council was proclaimed on 12th day of May 2016 amalgamating Leichhardt, Marrickville and Ashfield Councils. Richard Pearson was appointed as the Administrator during initial period. Vanessa Chan (former GM Ashfield Council) was appointed Interim general manager and Peter Head (former GM Leichhardt Council) and Brian Barrett (former GM Marrickville Council) deputy general managers of the new council. Proclamation at

Nov 2016: "The commencement of Interim General Manager, Rik Hart, in early September has resulted in some changes to the direction and timing of key strategic areas, including organisational redesign, systems integration and services integration..." Agenda Implementation Advisory Group, 10 November 2016
December 2016:  Organisation re-design: Appointment of L3 Group Managers On 2 December 2016, Council’s Level 3 structure was implemented with the appointment of Group Managers. 15 roles were internal appointments, reflecting the depth of talent and expertise within Council. Implementation Advisory Group, 9 February 2017
September 2017: Oath or Affirmation of Office for Councillors,  Panel of Code of Conduct Reviewers - Extraordinary Council Meeting, 21 September 2017 Agenda
Clrs DaCruz, Kiat, Hesse, Porteous, Steer, Mckenna, Raciti, Stamolis, Byrne, Lockie, Drury, York, Passas, Iskander, Macri took the Oath or Affirmation of Office. Clr Byrne elected Mayor and Clr Passas deputy Mayor. - Minutes of Meeting

 August 2018 Recruitment Process for a General Manager          Council at its meeting on 14 August 2018 deferred this item to the meeting to be held on 21 August 2018. Agenda Extraordinary Council Meeting


February 2019: Offer a contract of employment to Mr Michael Deegan for the position of CEO of the Inner West Council for a period of 3 years including a total annual remuneration package of between $420 000 and $450 000.
Minutes of Extraordinary Council Meeting held on 19 February 2019 

February 2019: Thank You to Outgoing INTERIM General Manager Rik Hart - Supplementary Agenda Council Meeting, 26 February 2019

25 March 2020: Local Government Elections Postponed from September 2020 to September 2021 due to COVID-19

29 September 2020: Elizabeth Richardson appointed Acting General Manager "To facilitate the timely and effective negotiations referred to in 1 above, the Mayor shall advise the General Manager that pursuant to sub-clause 9.8 of the contract of employment, the General Manager shall be on paid special leave for the duration of the negotiations. While on paid special leave the General Manager shall: a. assign all the delegations of the position of General Manager to the person appointed to Act in the role of Inner West Council General Manager; b. not enter any areas within council buildings that are closed to the general public, except with prior approval of the Mayor or the Acting General
Manager; c. co-operate with Inner West Council, including but not limited to providing relevant information and responding to inquiries from the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Acting General Manager and/or other senior officers of Council;
d. only access Council’s internal computer system (e.g. intranet and email) for
the purposes of co-operating with the Council or as otherwise directed or
approved by the Mayor or the Acting General Manager; and
e. shall maintain the confidentiality of the negotiations...4. A request be made to the Chief Operating officer to act in the position of General
during the period that the General Manager is on special leave."...  Minutes Extraordinary Council Meeting 29 September 2020

October 2020: " Mr Michael Deegan, General Manager of the Inner West Council, has informed the Council of his resignation from his employment, and the Council has accepted that resignation. The resignation will be effective from close of business on Tuesday 20 October 2020." - Statement on General Manager's resignation

 27 October 2020: Appointment of Brian Barrett as Acting General Manager of Inner West Council effective from the date on which a contract of employment has been signed by Brian Barrett and the Mayor; Terminates the appointment of Elizabeth Richardson as Acting Chief Executive Officer from the date of the appointment of Brian Barrett as Acting General Manager; Minutes Council Meeting 27 October

10 November 2020: Establishment of Selection Panel forPermanent General Manager Recruitment, Council Meeting, 10 November 2020 Supplementary Agenda 

Appointment of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Clrs Hesse and Raciti to Selection sub-committee  Minutes: yet to be published

12 November 2020: Inner West Council employs over 1,250 staff, organised into various sections with different responsibilities.  Senior staff: Brian Barrett – Acting General Manager; Elizabeth Richardson - Chief Operating Officer, Director Development and Recreation; Michael Daly/Caroline Mcleod (acting) - Director City Living; Cathy Edwards-Davis - Director Infrastructure; Marcia Doheny - General Counsel viewed 12 November 2020

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