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Rates, Roads and Rubbish - Councils' Core Business

Rubbish was on the Inner West Council Agenda on 13 December 2022 (carried over from the previous week) on the same day that the National Waste Report was released.   The National Waste Report provides an analysis of waste management in Australia....   Local Government collected waste from the Kerbside (paid for by Domestic Waste Levy on Rates Notice) and managed Street Litter Bins, Street Sweeping, Litter and Dumping Cleanups, Drop-Off. With some Rural councils owning Landfill sites. "Externally restricted cash and investments are restricted in their use by externally imposed requirements. The increase in external restrictions is primarily attributable to an increase in developer contributions, specific purpose grants and special rate variation income, offset by a reduction in domestic waste management." - Council Accounting policy Waste is made up of resources from Compostable Organic Material to To