Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Zunz Lecture: Resetting our cities

Last night I attended the ARUP-UTS Zunz Lecture: Resetting our cities

Good speaker and panel on Infrastructure Climate Change and Super Funds:

  • Ainsley Simpson, Infrastructure Sustainability Council’s CEO
  • Craig Kerslake, Managing Director, Nguluway DesignInc
  • Michelle Tabet, Founder and Director, Left Bank Co
  • Emily Gentilini, Sustainability and Built Environment Policy Specialist, Arup
  • Dr Scott Dwyer, Research Director, Institute for Sustainable Futures

Lots of money in Infrastructure...but we need better stories the highlight was Wiradjiri Architect Craig Kerslake.

When people became the river | Illustration: Craig Kerslake

Belonging to Country – yindyamarra winhanganha, 3 July 2022 ,Words by Craig Kerslake, https://www.architecture.com.au/archives/reading-architecture/belonging-to-country-yindyamarra-winhanganha

Dietitions exhibition at RPA

Exhibition about Dietitions at Royal Prince Alfred hospital by their museum. "RPA Museum Founded in 1933, th...