Friday, March 15, 2019

Sustainable Community Facilities

Council Meeting 12 March 2019: 

C0319(1) Item 3 Historic Fee Waivers for Various Swimming and Water Polo Clubs at the Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre and Dawn Fraser Baths and a Comparison to Club Arangements at other Aquatic Centres in the LGA: 

DACRUZ Amendment "6. Approach Water Polo NSW to extend MOU across all aquatic centres and enter into further MOUs with Universities." incorporated.

C0319(1) Item 6 Notice of Motion: Sustainable Community Buildings

Motion: (Da Cruz/Hesse)
THAT Council:
1. Undertake a review to convert the composting toilet at Whites Creek Cottage to a conventional toilet. If the works can be undertaken within existing budgets complete the conversion as soon as possible. If the works require a capital budget, include the project in the 4 year delivery program; and
2. Review the Sustainability of the White’s Creek Cottage and report back on opportunities to improve its financial and environmental sustainability.
Motion Carried
For Motion: Crs Byrne, Da Cruz, Hesse, Iskandar, Kiat, Lockie, Macri, Porteous, Raciti, Stamolis, Steer and York
Against Motion: Cr Drury
Absent: Cr Passas
Minutes of Ordinary Council Meeting held on 12 March 2019


The Whites Creek Cottage Community Centre was opened in March 2009. The Cottage incorporates elements of environmentally sustainable design including a composting toilet, which requires the supply and use of sawdust instead of a water flush. The material from the toilet is deposited into the room below, from where it was intended to be used, on the nearby community gardens. This does not happen and cleaners have to deal with the human waste. The Venue instructions state: "Whites Creek Cottage incorporates elements of environmentally sustainable design and is intended to be as sustainable as possible. This includes a compostable toilet. Please ensure that the compostable toilet is used according to directions. (

Users of the Cottage avoid using the composting toilet which is the only accessible toilet from the cottage. There are two public toilets at the cottage, which are used by hirers of the adjacent Dairy, Community Garden and Parklands including for the Footprints EcoFestival. In addition to the Composting Toilet, the renovation of the Cottage included the installation of Rain Water Tanks, Fluorescent Light Bulbs. There are no Solar Panels on the Cottage or the adjacent “Dairy”.

Since 2009, LED Lighting has superseded Fluorescent Lighting in energy efficiency, Solar Panels and Batteries have matured, Smart Technologies have emerged which can manage energy use and optimise revenue for PV generated energy. Gas prices have also increased significantly. Smart Technologies could also be applicable to access control of the community facilities. There may also be opportunities to demonstrate energy efficiency, demand management, waste and water use practices at the cottage. There may also be opportunities to increase the utilisation of the cottage through better information on the Council’s website and booking processes.

Officer’s Comments:

Comment from Group Manager Properties, Major Projects and Facilities:

A consultant would need to be engaged to undertake a feasibility assessment and design to implement recommendation 1 and would cost approximately $5,000. A report could be provided to Council within 6 months detailing the results of the feasibility assessment and opportunities to improve White’s Creek Cottage financial and environmental sustainability.



Saturday, March 9, 2019

Inner West Council Draft Land and Property Strategy

The Inner West Council has extended the exhibition period for its draft Land and Property Strategy to 20 March 2019

According to the Land and Property Strategy PDF, the Inner West Council is the custodian of 2 million square metres of land and 298 buildings. This includes public roads, Crown Land where council is the Trustee, community and sporting facilities, parks, Crown Reserves as well as Council Office Space, Depots, childcare centres, aquatic centres and spaces that Council lease to others for both community and commercial use.

The Strategy forms part of the state government mandated integrated planning and reporting framework and is intended to provide strategic direction and implement the Inner West Community Strategic Plan.

The Community Strategic Plan guiding principle is to work together in a way that is creative, caring and just and sets out 5 strategic directions.
  1. An ecologically sustainable Inner West
  2. Unique liveable, networked neighbourhoods
  3. Creative communities and a strong economy
  4. Caring, happy, health communities
  5. Progressive local leadership
The Policy & Action Plan aims to:
  • Optimise benefits to the community, are sustainable and equitable;
  • Demonstrate industry ‘Best Practice’, be transparent, consistent, manage risk and demonstrate best value for money;
  • Meet the needs of our Community now and in the future;
  •  Optimise Council revenue to support services delivery and community capacity;
Council operates
  • 3 Administration Buildings 
  • 4 Depots
  • 22 Council Operated Child-Care Services
  • 7 Council Owned Creative Spaces Short Term Leases
  • 21 Council Operated Community Services Rooms &Buildings including 6 Town Halls and Venues for Hire [Main Issues/Risks include "Aging heritage buildings"]
  • 2 Community Nurseries
  • 6 Community Gardens leased to Community Groups
  • 1 Community recycling centre at Catherine Street Leichhardt
  • 47 Bushcare and natural area management sites 
  • 8 Libraries 
  • 22 Sporting Grounds
  • 46 Parks Public Amenities Buildings
  • 1 Golf Course Leased
  • 6 x Aquatic Centres
  • Tenanted Spaces (6 Cafés, 11 Leased Out Child-Care Centres, 9 Leases to Community based Clubs
  • 5 Investment leases(Telstra Towers at Marrickville, Petersham, St Peters, Tempe Lands Tyne Container storage, Tempe Golf Driving Range)
  • 17 Community Not for Profit & Government Funded Services
  • 3 SES Services
  • 46 Public Car Parks
  • 2 x Recreation Centres 
  • 6 Affordable Housing Strata Management
  • Bridgewater Park Pump House
  • 2 x Stadiums.
  • Boomerang Bags at Annandale Community Centre
  • Roads and Footpaths
The draft Land and Property Policy PDF includes:
10.4. Accommodation Grants
a) Accommodation Grants (Grant) equivalent to all or part of the market rent may be granted to Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s), incorporated Not-For-Profit (NFP) service providers, sporting and community organizations for non-commercial purposes provided that such uses align with the community’s demonstrated needs or aspirations, and further the objectives in Council’s Statement of Vision and Priorities and/or Strategic, Community or other adopted Plans. Refer to Table 1.0 Accommodation Grant Eligibility Criteria
b) Priority areas of support for not-for-profit businesses will be determined by Council.
c) The percentage of the Accommodation Grant will reflect the community benefit to the Community from the Lease and service provided the extent to which it aligns with Council’s

    Please have your say by 20 March at

    Friday, March 8, 2019

    Celebrating Heritage in Haberfield

    Amazing to learn from Vincent Crow, the president of the Haberfield Association, that the first church named after the beatified Joan of Arc in 1909 was in Haberfield!

    La Pucelle d'Orléans was burnt at the stake in 1431.


    On Thursday morning, also visited Yasmar where every Thursday morning voluteers work on cleaning up and eventually restoring the beautiful garden which contains several beautiful old trees and unknown treasures of understory plants.

    With Gina Plate who is leading the work on the Yasmar Garden

    Wednesday, March 6, 2019

    Air Quality

    Community monitoring and analysis of the data from EPA and Westconnex Air Quality Monitors has revealed that Air Quality in Sydney is falling below National Standards...

    Calls to Clear the Air - Inner West Courier 5 March 2019


    Sydney Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI)

    Alerts when Air Quality is predicted to be poor

    "When an air quality alert has been issued for Sydney, the Bureau of Meteorology assists in alerting the community by including the following statement in the Sydney Forecast:" -

    Health effects

    In August 2015 the Chief Health Officer's Air Pollution Expert Advisory Committee (EAC) expanded to allow for the provision of advice to the Chief Health Officer on a wider array of potential environmental risks to public health. The last meeting of the new committee was on Tuesday, 19 December 2017 Source: NSW Health on Air Quality

    Sources of Air Pollution

    Coal-fired power stations are known emitters of fine particles PM2.5 (PM2.5 stands for particles of a size of 2.5 microns or less, i.e. 0.025 mm) and pollutant gases such as SOX and NOX. ANSTO researchers have developed techniques to determine the contributions of eight coal-fired power stations, which burn over 25 MT/year (yr) of low grade sulfur coal, to the PM2.5 mass loading in the greater Sydney metropolitan area. 
    Source:Revealing the sources of Sydney’s air pollution,3rd June 2014

    EPA: "Causes of air pollution"

    Air pollution is caused by

    • natural sources such as bushfires, dust storms, sea salt and pollen
    • domestic activities such as burning wood fires, including using wood heaters, fuel-powered garden equipment, and portable fuel containers
    • commercial businesses such as spray painters, printers, quarries, service stations
    • industrial activities such as coal mining, oil refining and power generation
    • on-road motor vehicles such as buses, cars and trucks
    • off-road vehicles and equipment such as dump trucks, bulldozers and marine vessels  
    More at

    Air Pollution from Motor Vehicles (across Sydney, RMS, 16/2/18 4:26 pm)

    Motor vehicles are an important contributor to emissions, contributing
    14 per cent of PM 2.5 , and 62 per cent of nitrogen oxides. NSW Government (RMS) Sydney’s air quality Fact sheet, Summer 2018

    How does NO2 affect me?

    Short and long term exposure to NO2 has been linked with an increased risk of respiratory problems. People with asthma, young children and older adults have an increased sensitivity to its effects (1). The secondary pollutants caused by the presence of NO2 in the atmosphere also have their own adverse effects. PANs are an irritant, nitric acid causes acid rain and particulate matter and O3 cause respiratory problems. Sydney’s Air Quality Info

    About Air Quality

    Advisory Committee on Tunnel Air Quality committee-on-tunnel-air-quality

    Current Air Quality

    Vehicle Emission Standards

    Source: Factsheets Sydney's air quality Factsheet

    Clr Marghanita da Cruz:Improving Cyclist and Pedestrian safety on State Roads in the Inner West LGA.

    Resolved at Extraordinary Council Meeting, 3 July 2018: Item No:C0718 Item 15 Subject:Notice of Motion: Improving Cyclist and Pedestrian safety on State Roads in the Inner West LGA.
    From: Councillor Marghanita Da Cruz

    1. The Mayor write to NSW Minister for Roads and Maritime Services noting the announcement of funding to increase liveability and safety in urban communities through infrastructure safety upgrades for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users and requesting improvements on State Roads through Residential, Educational, Child Care, Recreational and High Pedestrian Activity locations in the Inner West LGA;
      In particular a reduction in the motor vehicle speeds and improvements in pedestrian and cyclist safety including the reduction of motor vehicle speeds on State Roads in the LGA in particular the following:
      1. The City West Link;
      2. [at] James Street/Darley Road; at Norton Street; at Balmain Road and Catherine Street and the Crescent on City West Link;
      3. Victoria Road and in particular at the crossings at Robert Street, Evans Street and Darling Street, Rozelle;
      4. James St, Darley Road, Foster and Tebbutt Street, Leichhardt including safe crossing points;
      5. Liverpool Road from Elizabeth Street to Frederick Street, Ashfield;
      6. Frederick Street, Ashfield;
      7. Johnston Street, Annandale in particular at Parramatta Road, Booth Street, the Crescent, Annandale Public, Annandale North Public School and Collins Street;
      8. The Crescent, Annandale including intersection with City West Link and Johnston Street;
      9. The major public transport corridor on Parramatta Road from Mallet Street, Annandale to Croydon Road, Croydon; and
    2. Further that the GM request the RMS to carry out an audit of roadside noise and air pollution at the above locations.


    Westconnex M4-M5 Tunnel Depths

    Westconnex are drilling in Evan Jones Park, Styles St Leichhardt, at White's Creek - looking for Sandstone at shallow tunnel depths. 

    Westconnex Tunnel Depth at 26 Styles Street Leichhardt
    RMS is exercising its Roads Act Powers to drill for Westconnex in Evan Jones Park, O'Dea Reserve and elsewhere
    Westconnex Tunnel Depth at 193 Parramatta Road, Camperdown

    The top of the tunnel will be less than 20m below 193 Parramatta Road Camperdown ie within the "zone of influence". Note trees in depth diagram have no roots. This means there can be no underground parking at the site or even significant height of buildings - or maybe it will be a carpark!!

    The government has released the tunnel route for WestConnex Stage 3a under Leichhardt, Annandale and Camperdown.

    Homes which sit within the identified ‘zone of influence’ of the tunnel route may be impacted.

    To see proposed tunnel depths for specific properties go to

    More at

    Tuesday, March 5, 2019

    Super Tuesday & Inner West Tram Overcrowding

    Super Tuesday - Cycling

    This morning was Super Tuesday

    "Super Tuesday is Australia’s biggest annual commuter bike count. The count records volumes, gender, and movement flow of people on bikes, in partnership with councils and local community groups."

    Ann was counting at the corner of Collins and Johnston Street and her colleague was at the corner of Booth and Johnston Street. 



    Inner West Tram Line over crowding

    Fortunately, I was heading to Dulwich Hill and not the City from the Rozelle Bay Light Rail Stop, as the Tram going in the opposite direction was packed. Some people were left on the station to wait 8 minutes for the next tram.

    In 2016, the Inner West Tram Line reached its 2026 Capacity.- Open Opal data offers valuable insights for planners and developers, 4 May 2017

    To address overcrowding and passengers being left on the platform, the light rail needs more trams and we need two tracks all the way to Dulwich Hill. More at
    With Crisetta at Dulwich Hill Light Rail Station
    Single Track at Dulwich Hill Light Rail Station

    Dulwich Hill path to Light Rail Station

    With Crisetta MacLeod the Greens candidate for Strathefield and Tom Raue the Greens candidate for Summer Hill at Dulwich Hill Light Rail Station.

    Tech Central Camperdown Health - walking and cycling

    Tech Central Camperdown Health is going to have to do a lot better when it comes to walking and cycling. Grose St, Camperdown, Tech Central ...