Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Westconnex M4-M5 Tunnel Depths

Westconnex are drilling in Evan Jones Park, Styles St Leichhardt, at White's Creek - looking for Sandstone at shallow tunnel depths. 

Westconnex Tunnel Depth at 26 Styles Street Leichhardt
RMS is exercising its Roads Act Powers to drill for Westconnex in Evan Jones Park, O'Dea Reserve and elsewhere
Westconnex Tunnel Depth at 193 Parramatta Road, Camperdown

The top of the tunnel will be less than 20m below 193 Parramatta Road Camperdown ie within the "zone of influence". Note trees in depth diagram have no roots. This means there can be no underground parking at the site or even significant height of buildings - or maybe it will be a carpark!!

The government has released the tunnel route for WestConnex Stage 3a under Leichhardt, Annandale and Camperdown.

Homes which sit within the identified ‘zone of influence’ of the tunnel route may be impacted.

To see proposed tunnel depths for specific properties go to

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