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Croydon Road Pedestrian Safety Improvements

Last night Pedestrian Safety improvements along Croydon Road took a step further. Cnr Croydon Road and Anthony Street, 29 Aug 2017 My three NOMs on Pedestrian Safety were resolved at the Council Meeting 12 October 2017 including C1017 Item 14 Motion: Notice of Motion: Pedestrian Safety on Croydon Road, Croydon (Da Cruz/Porteous) and  C1017 Item 15 Notice of Motion: Pedestrian Safety on Frederick Street, Ashfield (Da Cruz/Porteous) Motion Carried The Crossing on Frederick Street including relocation of a bus stop were implemented in June 2018 . Last night, the Council adopted the recommendation and minutes of the 4 December Traffic Committee meeting with an amendment in response to a resident's concerns about the urgent need for a pedestrian crossing at Church Street [Item 8.2 below] and correction of a typo at Queen Street [item 7-1(f) below]. Item 7 THAT: 1.   The report be received and noted; 2.   The following proposed treatments as lis

Campaign against the cuts to the Asylum Seeker's support program (SRSS)

Last night Dulce Munoz Garcia, the National Convenor of  Mums4Refugees came and spoke in support of in support of the Inner West Council joining THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT MAYORAL TASKFORCE FOR PEOPLE SEEKING ASYLUM TO ADVOCATE AGAINST THE SRSS CUTS. Mums4Refugees first contacted me last July to enlist Inner West Council's support for advocay against the cuts to the SRSS. This lead to the unanimous resolution of Notice of Motion: Advocacy against the cuts to income support for people seeking asylum living in the community Since that time, the ALP has taken a "new position supporting people seeking asylum in the community during the election period and, if elected, into government" Source: Since September 2017 when the changes to the SRSS Program began, the Asylum Seekers Centre in Newtown has seen an increase of 1242 people seeking assistance, the average time they have been in Australia is 2.4 years. The centre is currently pr

Westconnex Stage 3b Annandale & Rozelle

On 11 February 2019 RMS informed the Inner West Council that it was exercising its powers to take over the following Roads for WestConnex Stage 3B (M4-M5 Link Rozelle Interchange) Gordon Street, Rozelle (No Public Access upon assumption)  Railway Parade, Annandale The Crescent, Annandale Johnston Street, Annandale Victoria Road, Rozelle Quirk Street, Rozelle Hornsey Street, Rozelle Lilyfield Road, Rozelle   190211 - IWC - Use of Powers under Roads Act - A25434781  ( PDF   2.3MB ) Source viewed 20 Feb 2019: Crescent and Railway Parade Annandale to be taken over for construction of Westconnex Stage 3B (Rozelle Interchange) Source:190211 - IWC - Use of Powers under Roads Act - A25434781  ( PDF   2.3MB ) Gordon Street Rozelle to be taken over for construction of Westconnex Stage 3B (Rozelle Interchange) Source:190211 - IWC - Use of Powers under Roads Act - A25434781  ( PDF   2.3MB

1960s Annandale

Camperdown and Annandale Police Stations "During 1967 the Police premises, formerly occupied as a Police Station but used for some time only as a Police Residence, were re-opened to replace the Camperdown Police Station on Parramatta Road, which were closed down because of inadequate accommodation." - Petrol Station The Annandale Theatre, was demolished in 1961 and replaced with the Petrol Station. Verandahs and Awnings Parramatta Road was widened and verandah posts were removed and replaced with awnings. Goodman Buildings verandahs were removed at some point. Vietnam War "Colin Whiston was born in Annandale, in the inner west of Sydney, to Ruby and Thomas Whiston, on May 8th 1945. In January 1965, Colin was a working as a postman when he registered for the National Service Ballot, compulsory for all 20-year-old males." h

Buruwan Park Annandale

Buruwan Park Annandale is a rare green space threatened by Westconnex. Rally, 15 Feb 2019. Photo Tony Grech The park was created around 1995 by converting Gordon Road Annandale to park and connecting pockets of land owned by Sydney Water and Sydney Trains. The park is adjacent to White's Creek and has many mature trees including an outstanding Fig Trees. Volunteers and Council contractors have introduced and cared for local provenance plants in the park since its creation. Buruwan Park, 2018 Buruwan Park, 2018 Buruwan Park provides a pedestrian cycle link between the Rozelle Bay Light Rail Stop and the 433 Bus Stop on  the Crescent Annandale. It is also provides a pedestrian and cycle link from Railway Parade Annandale to the Crescent, the ANZAC Bridge and the Annandale Foreshore. Fig marked for destruction. Photo Cassi Plate Transport NSW wants to destroy the park to widen the Crescent. The widening of the Crescent was part of the EIS for Stage 3 of

Boomerang Bags Innerwest Annandale Sewing Bee

With Nikki Wedgewood the Coordinator Annandale Sewing Bees Yesterday, I popped in to check out the Annandale Sewing Bee run by Boomerang Bags Inner West at the Annandale Community Centre, 79 Johnston Street Annandale. When I arrived, there were lots of people already busy pinning, at sewing machines and overlockers, with a stream of new arrivals armed with machines. Future Sewing Bees at Annandale SUN 17 March 2019 1-5pm SUN 19 May 2019 1-5pm SUN 16 June 2019 1-5pm SUN 21 July 2019 1-5pm Boomerang Bags Inner West also has sewing bees at Marrickville and Concord. Boomerang Bags Inner West is doing its part to help us transition to a circular economy by providing an alternative to single use plastic shopping bags.

Prioritising the Pedestrian

The Inner West Council 2016 Recreation Study found that Walking was the most popular recreational activity. Largely designed and built between 1850 and 1940 the pre-car design of our neighbourhoods is conducive to walking. The exetensive tram network also influence development as did the rail lines. Public Transport not only enabled residents to travel it brought workers to the Inner West driving its industrial heritage.  The tram network may have been destroyed, but buses still largely follow the tram routes. However, since the 1950s the private car has had its impact from the freeways of the 50s to Westconnex. Governments have prioritised the private car over public transport and shopping malls have been designed to be accessed by motor vehicles. Yet, despite this people are walking sometimes in very unpleasant situations and at others in quiet pleasant places away from the danger, noise and pollution of the private motor vehicle but also public transport. So, what are t

Pémpti Perambulers

Pémpti Perambulers Wonder if evening strolls will take of in Annandale and elsewhere. To spark the idea, I have initiated Pempti Perambulers. Pémpti is Thursday in Greek! Meet for a gentle Thursday evening stroll for all levels of walkers 7-8pm every Thursday (7 Feb – 28 Mar 2019) Start opposite the Annandale Post Office cnr of Johnston and Booth Streets Annandale