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Inner West Council in Audit Office Report on Local Government 2020 (27 May 2021)

"Inner West Council Due to the impact of COVID-19, council closed its aquatic centre and received less revenue from childcare. It also received less section 94 fees, parking fines and other fees. User fees and charges were $32.7 million compared to the budget of $46.0 million. However, this was partially offset by grants for childcare from the government. Council’s operating grants and contributions were $17.0 million compared to a budget of $10.6 million."  "Inner West Council (ongoing finding) In 2018–19, council did not sufficiently complete a quality review of the asset revaluation process. In 2019–20, council was not required to perform a comprehensive revaluation for any asset classes, so council could not address the finding during 2019–20. The finding will remain ongoing until the next revaluation is performed." Source: PDF Report on Local Government 2020 (27 May 2021) at

Council Resolves to Run a Poll on the Amalgamation

  So, last night was a win for democracy - Inner West Council resolved to ask the community whether we continue with the amalgamation or deamalgamate to our former boundaries.     Outside Ashfield Town Hall, prior to Council Meeting, 24 May 2021   Recent NSW legislation permits deamalgamation to be initiated within 10 years of Amalgamation.   The NSW Electoral Commission (who is running the council election on September 4) advises:    "The deadline for referendum and poll questions is the 30th of June. ..A Poll question in non binding."   So, it is time to reflect on the good, bad and ugly of the amalgamation. Ofcourse some things would have happened without amalgamation and other things did not happen or happened because of amalgamation. Some things can be fixed - others can't.   There were 7 speakers at last night's extraordinary meeting and the gallery was full. The passing community also took an interest in the rally at the front of the Ashfield Town Hall. Speake

The Internal Ombudsman is Council's complaints co-ordinator.

Facebook post 11 May 2020: The Internal Ombudsman is Council's complaints co-ordinator. The Internal Ombudsman coordinate a second level review of complaints often reflecting poor systems and processes (due to the amalgamation) which are difficult to navigate. These are often resolved internally. Whether processes are improved when the complaints co-ordinator is remote (they sit at Cumberland Council) Both Cumberland and Parramatta were amalgamated. The Shared Part of the Internal Ombudman Share Service, is that Inner West Council shares funding of the Complaints Co-ordinator Role with Cumberland and Parramatta Councils - this is overseen by the GMs of the three councils. The Complaints Co-ordinator also co-ordinates Code of Conduct Complaints and farms these out to Investigators from a panel approved by Council and recommended by SSROC. Codes of Conduct are a more formal complaints process which relate to the behavior of councillors and staff. The Code and Procedures for these ar

Inside the Hunter Baillie Tower on Fete Day -7 May 2021

Fete and Land Grant to Urban Village Panels   On the 7 May 2021, I got a peak inside the Tower of the Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church at the corner of Collins and Johnston Streets in Annandale. 7 May PWA Fete The church was completed in 1889. There is a National Trust conservation Appeal to maintain this State Heritage listed building. The Church hosts an annual Hertiage open day as part of the Nation Trust Heritage Festival . As part of this heritage day I have guided short walks with the proceeds going to the appeal.  The Presbyterian Womens Association (Annandale) provides Devonshire Tea. 7 May PWA Fete I also erect the set of 10 blue corflute posters created a few years ago which depict the history of Annandale from Land Grant (1790s) to Urban Village (circa 2016).  7 May PWA Fete On the 7 May, the PWA held a fete and after purchasing Jams and Cake, Paul (who looks after the maintenance of the church) took me up into the Tower - a dream of many a passer by! Went out o

Matters referred to the Inner West Council/Cumberland/Parramatta Internal Ombudsman Shared Service 18/19 and 19/20

18/19 Annual report     19/20 Annual Report 18/19     19/20