Thursday, May 27, 2021

Inner West Council in Audit Office Report on Local Government 2020 (27 May 2021)

"Inner West Council Due to the impact of COVID-19, council closed its aquatic centre and received less revenue from childcare. It also received less section 94 fees, parking fines and other fees. User fees and charges were $32.7 million
compared to the budget of $46.0 million. However, this was partially offset
by grants for childcare from the government. Council’s operating grants and
contributions were $17.0 million compared to a budget of $10.6 million."

 "Inner West Council (ongoing finding)
In 2018–19, council did not sufficiently complete a quality review of the asset
revaluation process.
In 2019–20, council was not required to perform a comprehensive revaluation for
any asset classes, so council could not address the finding during 2019–20. The
finding will remain ongoing until the next revaluation is performed."

Source: PDF Report on Local Government 2020 (27 May 2021) at

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