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Can the Inner West achieve Zere Emissions Travel and Logistics and a Circular Economy in 20 years?

We need to be thinking about Logistics rather than Freight or Waste.

Currently Greenhouse Emissions from Transport is growing and so, we need to work on how we transition to Zero Emissions Logistics (transport of goods) and Travel (transport of people).
Inner West Council along with other councils in NSW is "required to prepare a Local Strategic Planning Statement which sets out the 20-year vision for land use in the local area, the special character and values that are to be preserved and how change will be managed into the future" More at
Future Logistics:Australia Post and other delivery points, Home Delivery, Food Couriers, Bus Driver changeover and staffing. Robot/Automated vehicle delivery or vehicle recovery (homing shopping trolleys) The social, economic and environmental benefits of small local post, food, banking, hardware, childcare and schools, community centres recreation, open space. Use Case …

Planning the Inner West

The Greater Sydney Commission’s five District Plans are a guide for implementing A Metropolis of Three Cities - the Greater Sydney Region Plan at a District level Read More at: (viewed 30 July 2019)

The Inner West Local Government Area (LGA) is in the Eastern City:

The Inner West Council public exhibition of its draft Integrated Transport and Local Housing Strategies closed on 28 July 2019.

Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plans for the former Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville LGAs and Inner West Council Recreation needs study - A Healthier Inner West are available at (viewed 30 Jul:

Every Council in NSW will be required to prepare a Local Strategic Planning Statement which sets out the 20-year vision for land use in the local area, the special character and values that are to be preserved and how change w…

The Powerhouse Museum & Signage Ultimo (27 July 2019)

The Powerhouse Museum opened at 500 Harris Street the same month I moved to Sydney to work for the ABC. After temporary accomodation in the Cross, I moved to a unit at 313 Harris Street Ultimo just up the road from the Powerhouse. Later, the ABC was to move to 700 Harris Street and me with it.

 The Powerhouse has a wonderful collection of ceramics, textiles and technology displayed in a wonderful industrial building. The building was a powerhouse for Sydney's extensive tramwork.

The museum recognises and celebrates Australian and International Industrial Design.

Locomotive No. 1 brings to life the age of steam travel, which began in 1855 when this very locomotive hauled New South Wales’ first train...

THE event of yesterday was the triumph, not only of science over natural difficulties, but of the spirit of enlightenment and civilization over prejudice and worldly mindedness. 1855 'OPENING OF THE SYDNEY RAILWAY.', The Sydney …

The Annandale Imitation Realists

Annandale Imitation Realists "In 1960 the 22-year-old Mike Brown joined the New Zealand artist, Ross Crothall, in an old terrace house in inner Sydney's Annandale. Over the following two years the artists filled the house with a remarkable body of work. Launched with an equally extraordinary exhibition, the movement they called Imitation Realism introduced collage, assemblage and installation to Australian art for the first time..." - 3.Sailing to Byzantium: Annandale Imitation Realism (1960-62) 2011, English, Book, Illustrated edition: Permanent revolution : Mike Brown and the Australian avant-garde 1953-1997 / Richard Haese.

"By 1960, Crothall and Brown were living together in a house Crothall had rented in Annandale and Lanceley was a frequent visitor...The group ended in 1964 when Lanceley departed for Europe."

"Colin Lanceley first came to no…

Make safe work on Hunter Baillie, Annandale 23 July 2019

cnr of Johnston and Collins Sts Annandale, NSW.

The Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church was completed in 1889.
From the June 2019 Hunter Baillie Conservation Appeal Newsletter: "Both the Heritage Office and Inner West Council have given their permission for work to proceed at a cost of about $75,000. The main part of this work will be the removal of the 4 pinnacles at the base of the spire (one pinnacle has already been partially removed). It is unfortunate that the pinnacles cannot be imidiately replace, however, the cost of their replacement is currently beyond our means."
National Trust Hunter Baillie Memorial Church Conservation Appeal In In January 2015 the Hunter Baillie Church submitted an application to the NSW Heritage Office for a grant of $150,000 in order to continue the conservation (one might say “rescue”... Restoration of Hill and Son Organ After 20 years of fund raising the 1892 Hill and Son Organ i…

Australia's Building Mess!

NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Regulation of building standards, building quality and building disputesThis inquiry was established on 4 July 2019 to inquire into and report on the regulation of building standards, building quality and building disputes.
Terms of Reference:Inquiry into the regulation of building standards, building quality and building disputes
1. That the Public Accountability Committee inquire into and report on the regulation of building standards, building quality and building disputes by government agencies in New South Wales,

(a) the role of private certification in protecting building standards, including:(i)conflicts of interest
(ii) effectiveness of inspections
(iii) accountability of private certifiers
(iv) alternatives to private certifiers,

(b) the adequacy of consumer protections for owners and purchasers of new
apartments/dwellings, and limitations on building insurance and compensation schemes,including:
(i) the extent of insurance coverage and lim…

Aged Care in the Inner West - 168 Norton Street, Leichhardt

Council Officers have inspected the vicinity - following our meeting I requested they look at the issue of pedestrian safety and vehicles turning into Macauley Street from Norton Street. Please see points A & B below.

With regard to the Panel Determination and Recommendation: I am advised there was a council traffic engineer present and they did provide verbal advice to the panel. From the public gallery, I only observed the consultation with the applicant’s traffic engineer.

With respect to financial contributions: S.7.11 (formerly S.94) contributions apply to the commercial component of the development. Development contributions are not applicable to the seniors housing component of the development. The S.7.11 contribution for the DA will be approximately $17,000. The VPA for this site, was a separate process.

Officers have advised this is the recommendation made by the Planning Panel to the Council’s Local Traffic Committee for their consideration:

1 The possibility …

Just another day in the Inner West!

A full Saturday, setting out about 9.15am.

Waiting for the 461 on Parramatta Road, opposite Nelson Street I noticed the trucks hurtling past.

Guess they were going to and from the Annandale dive site a little further east.

The speed limit is 60kmph and the trucks seemed to be doing that and then some.

Caught the tail end of the 8am "show of displeasure" at the opening of the M4 East Tunnels at Ashfield and Haberfield. Observed trucks avoiding the tunnel.

Continued along Parramatta Road on Foot along the Westconnex constructed shared path to Bland Street and the Pedestrian Bridge, where another group were packing up after showing their displeasure at the opening of westconnex.

Continuing along Parramatta Road, to Frederick St, through Hammond Park to  Church Street to Croydon Road and Edwin Lane, to attend the smoking ceremony for the new mural in Edwin Lane Croydon.

Then stumbled across a little laneway along the railway tracks before checking out work at the Ashfield Pool an…