Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Can the Inner West achieve Zere Emissions Travel and Logistics and a Circular Economy in 20 years?

We need to be thinking about Logistics rather than Freight or Waste.

Currently Greenhouse Emissions from Transport is growing and so, we need to work on how we transition to Zero Emissions Logistics (transport of goods) and Travel (transport of people).
Zero Emissions Logistics and Travel 
Circular Economy Logistics
We also need to move to a Circular Economy (recover resources and eliminate waste) as well as support our thriving local economy based underpinned by local businesses.

Inner West Council along with other councils in NSW is "required to prepare a Local Strategic Planning Statement which sets out the 20-year vision for land use in the local area, the special character and values that are to be preserved and how change will be managed into the future" More at

Future Logistics:

    post office
  • Australia Post and other delivery points, 
  • Home Delivery, 
  • Food Couriers, 
  • Bus Driver changeover and staffing.
  • Robot/Automated vehicle delivery or vehicle recovery (homing shopping trolleys)
The social, economic and environmental benefits of small local post, food, banking, hardware, childcare and schools, community centres recreation, open space.

Use Case - Can we make this woman's life easier?: 

Woman waiting at a Leichhardt bus stop pushing a pram with a child, pulling a shopping trolley and carrying a couple of shopping bags on the way home from work.

Opportunities provided by the Arterial Roads and Rail that pass through the LGA

Economic and Social Value of:
  • Parramatta Rd/Great Western Highway, 
  • Liverpool Rd/Hume Highway, 
  • Victoria Road (Rozelle to Ryde), 
  • King Street/Princess Highway, 
  • City West Link and Westconnex. 
  • Rail linkages the Western Metro, the Western Rail Line, Light Rail. 

Information and Data

Shopping Trolleys:

The Australian Business Registry is a database on all businesses who have registered for an ABN. See maps of Inner West showing locations of 20,000 of 66,000 ABNs and of Cafes/Restaurants in the Inner West at

AURIN includes Demographics and Social Indicators * Economic Activity and Productivity * Urban Design and Urban Form * Housing * Health and Livability * Infrastructure and Transport. See maps for the Inner West LGA

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  1. "Inner West Council has started a strategic land use planning project, Our Place Inner West, to develop a new Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan for the Inner West, supported by a consolidated Developer Contributions Plan.

    The 2018 update to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, requires Council to first prepare a Local Strategic Planning Statement to guide the preparation of the Local Environment Plan and Development Control Plan. The Department of Planning and Environment has further information on Local Strategic Planning Statements.

    The new Local Environment Plan and Development Control Plan will replace the planning frameworks used by the former Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville Councils, which are still in use and available for download..


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