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Air Quality

Community monitoring and analysis of the data from EPA and Westconnex Air Quality Monitors has revealed that Air Quality in Sydney is falling below National Standards...

Calls to Clear the Air - Inner West Courier 5 March 2019


Sydney Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI)

Alerts when Air Quality is predicted to be poor

"When an air quality alert has been issued for Sydney, the Bureau of Meteorology assists in alerting the community by including the following statement in the Sydney Forecast:" -

Health effects

In August 2015 the Chief Health Officer's Air Pollution Expert Advisory Committee (EAC) expanded to allow for the provision of advice to the Chief Health Officer on a wider array of potential environmental risks to public health. The last meeting of the new committee was on Tuesday, 19 December 2017 Source: NSW Health on Air Quality

Sources of Air Pollution

Coal-fired power stations are known emitters of fine particles PM2.5 (PM2.5 stands for particles of a size of 2.5 microns or less, i.e. 0.025 mm) and pollutant gases such as SOX and NOX. ANSTO researchers have developed techniques to determine the contributions of eight coal-fired power stations, which burn over 25 MT/year (yr) of low grade sulfur coal, to the PM2.5 mass loading in the greater Sydney metropolitan area. 
Source:Revealing the sources of Sydney’s air pollution,3rd June 2014

EPA: "Causes of air pollution"

Air pollution is caused by

  • natural sources such as bushfires, dust storms, sea salt and pollen
  • domestic activities such as burning wood fires, including using wood heaters, fuel-powered garden equipment, and portable fuel containers
  • commercial businesses such as spray painters, printers, quarries, service stations
  • industrial activities such as coal mining, oil refining and power generation
  • on-road motor vehicles such as buses, cars and trucks
  • off-road vehicles and equipment such as dump trucks, bulldozers and marine vessels  
More at

Air Pollution from Motor Vehicles (across Sydney, RMS, 16/2/18 4:26 pm)

Motor vehicles are an important contributor to emissions, contributing
14 per cent of PM 2.5 , and 62 per cent of nitrogen oxides. NSW Government (RMS) Sydney’s air quality Fact sheet, Summer 2018

How does NO2 affect me?

Short and long term exposure to NO2 has been linked with an increased risk of respiratory problems. People with asthma, young children and older adults have an increased sensitivity to its effects (1). The secondary pollutants caused by the presence of NO2 in the atmosphere also have their own adverse effects. PANs are an irritant, nitric acid causes acid rain and particulate matter and O3 cause respiratory problems. Sydney’s Air Quality Info

About Air Quality

Advisory Committee on Tunnel Air Quality committee-on-tunnel-air-quality

Current Air Quality

Vehicle Emission Standards

Source: Factsheets Sydney's air quality Factsheet

Clr Marghanita da Cruz:Improving Cyclist and Pedestrian safety on State Roads in the Inner West LGA.

Resolved at Extraordinary Council Meeting, 3 July 2018: Item No:C0718 Item 15 Subject:Notice of Motion: Improving Cyclist and Pedestrian safety on State Roads in the Inner West LGA.
From: Councillor Marghanita Da Cruz

  1. The Mayor write to NSW Minister for Roads and Maritime Services noting the announcement of funding to increase liveability and safety in urban communities through infrastructure safety upgrades for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users and requesting improvements on State Roads through Residential, Educational, Child Care, Recreational and High Pedestrian Activity locations in the Inner West LGA;
    In particular a reduction in the motor vehicle speeds and improvements in pedestrian and cyclist safety including the reduction of motor vehicle speeds on State Roads in the LGA in particular the following:
    1. The City West Link;
    2. [at] James Street/Darley Road; at Norton Street; at Balmain Road and Catherine Street and the Crescent on City West Link;
    3. Victoria Road and in particular at the crossings at Robert Street, Evans Street and Darling Street, Rozelle;
    4. James St, Darley Road, Foster and Tebbutt Street, Leichhardt including safe crossing points;
    5. Liverpool Road from Elizabeth Street to Frederick Street, Ashfield;
    6. Frederick Street, Ashfield;
    7. Johnston Street, Annandale in particular at Parramatta Road, Booth Street, the Crescent, Annandale Public, Annandale North Public School and Collins Street;
    8. The Crescent, Annandale including intersection with City West Link and Johnston Street;
    9. The major public transport corridor on Parramatta Road from Mallet Street, Annandale to Croydon Road, Croydon; and
  2. Further that the GM request the RMS to carry out an audit of roadside noise and air pollution at the above locations.


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