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Sustainable Community Facilities

Council Meeting 12 March 2019: 

C0319(1) Item 3 Historic Fee Waivers for Various Swimming and Water Polo Clubs at the Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre and Dawn Fraser Baths and a Comparison to Club Arangements at other Aquatic Centres in the LGA: 

DACRUZ Amendment "6. Approach Water Polo NSW to extend MOU across all aquatic centres and enter into further MOUs with Universities." incorporated.

C0319(1) Item 6 Notice of Motion: Sustainable Community Buildings

Motion: (Da Cruz/Hesse)
THAT Council:
1. Undertake a review to convert the composting toilet at Whites Creek Cottage to a conventional toilet. If the works can be undertaken within existing budgets complete the conversion as soon as possible. If the works require a capital budget, include the project in the 4 year delivery program; and
2. Review the Sustainability of the White’s Creek Cottage and report back on opportunities to improve its financial and environmental sustainability.
Motion Carried
For Motion: Crs Byrne, Da Cruz, Hesse, Iskandar, Kiat, Lockie, Macri, Porteous, Raciti, Stamolis, Steer and York
Against Motion: Cr Drury
Absent: Cr Passas
Minutes of Ordinary Council Meeting held on 12 March 2019


The Whites Creek Cottage Community Centre was opened in March 2009. The Cottage incorporates elements of environmentally sustainable design including a composting toilet, which requires the supply and use of sawdust instead of a water flush. The material from the toilet is deposited into the room below, from where it was intended to be used, on the nearby community gardens. This does not happen and cleaners have to deal with the human waste. The Venue instructions state: "Whites Creek Cottage incorporates elements of environmentally sustainable design and is intended to be as sustainable as possible. This includes a compostable toilet. Please ensure that the compostable toilet is used according to directions. (

Users of the Cottage avoid using the composting toilet which is the only accessible toilet from the cottage. There are two public toilets at the cottage, which are used by hirers of the adjacent Dairy, Community Garden and Parklands including for the Footprints EcoFestival. In addition to the Composting Toilet, the renovation of the Cottage included the installation of Rain Water Tanks, Fluorescent Light Bulbs. There are no Solar Panels on the Cottage or the adjacent “Dairy”.

Since 2009, LED Lighting has superseded Fluorescent Lighting in energy efficiency, Solar Panels and Batteries have matured, Smart Technologies have emerged which can manage energy use and optimise revenue for PV generated energy. Gas prices have also increased significantly. Smart Technologies could also be applicable to access control of the community facilities. There may also be opportunities to demonstrate energy efficiency, demand management, waste and water use practices at the cottage. There may also be opportunities to increase the utilisation of the cottage through better information on the Council’s website and booking processes.

Officer’s Comments:

Comment from Group Manager Properties, Major Projects and Facilities:

A consultant would need to be engaged to undertake a feasibility assessment and design to implement recommendation 1 and would cost approximately $5,000. A report could be provided to Council within 6 months detailing the results of the feasibility assessment and opportunities to improve White’s Creek Cottage financial and environmental sustainability.



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