Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Super Tuesday & Inner West Tram Overcrowding

Super Tuesday - Cycling

This morning was Super Tuesday

"Super Tuesday is Australia’s biggest annual commuter bike count. The count records volumes, gender, and movement flow of people on bikes, in partnership with councils and local community groups." www.bicyclenetwork.com.au

Ann was counting at the corner of Collins and Johnston Street and her colleague was at the corner of Booth and Johnston Street. 



Inner West Tram Line over crowding

Fortunately, I was heading to Dulwich Hill and not the City from the Rozelle Bay Light Rail Stop, as the Tram going in the opposite direction was packed. Some people were left on the station to wait 8 minutes for the next tram.

In 2016, the Inner West Tram Line reached its 2026 Capacity.- Open Opal data offers valuable insights for planners and developers, 4 May 2017

To address overcrowding and passengers being left on the platform, the light rail needs more trams and we need two tracks all the way to Dulwich Hill. More at https://www.jamieparker.org/overcrowding
With Crisetta at Dulwich Hill Light Rail Station
Single Track at Dulwich Hill Light Rail Station

Dulwich Hill path to Light Rail Station

With Crisetta MacLeod the Greens candidate for Strathefield and Tom Raue the Greens candidate for Summer Hill at Dulwich Hill Light Rail Station.

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