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Bruny Island Battery Trial

"CONSORT is an ARENA funded research project and field trial, which addresses how batteries can be used by householders to manage their energy while simultaneously being used to help manage the network. During the trial, 34 battery systems were installed in homes on Bruny Island in Tasmania’s south-east. Working in conjunction with rooftop solar generation, these batteries are coordinated to alleviate congestion on Bruny’s undersea power supply cable and to reduce the reliance on costly and polluting diesel generation during peak season, helping to stabilise network voltages within acceptable levels, while simultaneously enabling householders to make optimal use of their own solar power generation." - https://brunybatterytrial.org/

Local Planning Panel Report 29 March - Parramatta Road Corridor (Stage 1 LEP Phase 2A) 

"Inner West Council Planning Proposal: Parramatta Road Corridor Stage – 1 (LEP2A) includes incentive provisions to enhance the performance of new developments in the Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy (PRCUTS) Leichhardt, Taverners Hill and Kings Bay precincts. These requirements have been devised to implement the Parramatta Road Corridor Sustainability Implementation Plan and go one step further to enhance the building performance requirements where PRCUTS has gaps and can be improvised. The key purpose of this approach is to facilitate the implementing of PRCUTS sustainability objectives and ensure that current practise is enhanced, and future best practice is not precluded." -Appendix 10 - Parramatta Road Corridor High Performance Buildings Background Information (PDF 357.1KB)
Briefing Minutes - 15 February 2022 (PDF 161KB)

Briefing Minutes - 29 March 2022 (PDF 170.4KB)

Meeting Minutes - 29 March 2022 (PDF 175.2KB) (PDF 175.2KB)


Commencing at 12:30pm

Item 1 - Local Planning Panel Report - Parramatta Road Corridor (Stage 1 LEP Phase 2A)  (PDF 461.4KB)

Attachment 1 - Council's Planning Proposal (PDF 3.2MB)

Appendix 1 - Proposed LEP Maps  (PDF 37.6MB)

Appendix 2A - Architectus Leichhardt, Taverners Hill and Kings Bay Urban Design Review June 2021 (PDF 121.2MB)

Appendix 2B - Inner West Council's Draft Structure Plan October 2020  (PDF 30.8MB)

Appendix 2C - Leichhardt Council's Parramatta Road Urban Design Study 2016 (PDF 8.9MB)

Appendix 3 - Heritage Study and Inventory Sheets (PDF 62.7MB)

Appendix 4 - Economic Feasibility Assessment (PDF 3.4MB)

Appendix 5 - Flood Management  (PDF 1.5MB)

Appendix 6 - Preliminary Site Investigations (PDF 1.6MB)

Appendix 7 - Aircraft Noise Assessment (PDF 7.3MB)

Appendix 8 - Draft Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme (PDF 2.1MB)

Appendix 9 - Land Value Sharing Study (PDF 2.3MB)

Appendix 10 - Parramatta Road Corridor High Performance Buildings Background Information (PDF 357.1KB)

Appendix 11 - Parramatta Road Corridor Precinct-wide Traffic and Transport Study (PDF 45.7MB)

Appendix 12 - Parramatta Road Corridor Stage - 1 LEP Phase 2A Justification Study (PDF 1.7MB)

Appendix 13 - Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Plan (Inner West Council Masterplan) (PDF 14.3MB)

Appendix 14 - Parramatta Road Corridor Draft Infrastructure Schedule (Leichhardt Precinct) (PDF 225.2KB)

Source: https://www.innerwest.nsw.gov.au/about/the-council/inner-west-local-planning-panel/2022-planning-panel-meetings/29-march-2022-inner-west-local-planning-panel 

Frankfurt Roadmap

"Frankfurt, a german pionner with a “100% renewable” roadmap: "With its “Masterplan 100% Klimaschutz”, the municipality aims to have all its energy needs covered by renewable energy by 2050. This will require reducing energy use by 50% through building retrofitting, the use of new technologies and further efforts at developing the circular economy. The remaining 50% will be covered by renewable energy produced within the city (25%) and in the metropolitan area (25%). To achieve these objectives, the plan assesses the energy needs, greenhouse gas emissions and areas for improvement in each sector and suggests a number of measures to be implemented in the electricity, heating and transport areas." https://energy-cities.eu/best-practice/frankfurt/

Ausgrid’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

Ausgrid’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is growing and you can be a part of this exciting and innovative demand management trial. This project will show us how the grid can integrate with renewables, partner with industry and customers to maximise grid efficiency benefits and reduce costs for customers. Ausgrid’s partnership with Reposit Power, Evergen and ShineHub has enabled us to offer more choice for hundreds and potentially thousands of customers to join Ausgrid's virtual power plant.  https://www.ausgrid.com.au/Industry/Demand-Management/Power2U-Progam/Battery-VPP-Trial

Low Carbon Precincts CRC

"Infrastructure changes in the built environment, resulting from the expected 60 per cent growth in Australia's population by 2050, will significantly influence and entrench the way we consume energy and our resulting carbon signature. The Low Carbon Precincts program focused on reducing the carbon footprint of urban systems, with key consideration being given to integrating the interlinked aspects of energy, water, waste, transport and buildings - all of which have significant carbon signatures as well as human health impacts."