Rates Harmonisation - Proposed Rating Structure and 20/21 Rates for individual councils..

Agenda Council Meeting 10 November 2020

Item No:         C1120(1) Item 1

Subject:         Harmonisation of Rates            

Prepared By:      Daryl Jackson - Chief Financial Officer  

Authorised By:  Brian Barrett - Acting General Manager

20/21 Rates 

[source page 10 of 20/21 budget in "Revised Delivery Program 2018-2022 and combined Operational Plan 2020/21 (PDF 452.1KB)" (note typo the second Ashfield should read Marrickville) https://www.innerwest.nsw.gov.au/about/the-council/corporate-planning-performance-budget/operational-plan/operational-plan-and-budget]



Rating Structures

Attachment 1 - Minimum rate framework
What are minimum rates?
A rate - whether ordinary or special - may, at a council's discretion, consist of:
• a wholly ad valorem amount (i.e. based wholly on land value),
• an ad valorem amount that is subject to a minimum amount, or
• a base amount and an ad valorem amount.
With base amounts, every assessment starts off with the same level of rate, to which an ad valorem component is added.
Under a structure with minimum rates, the ad valorem amount is calculated and then compared with the minimum amount, and the ratepayer is charged the greater amount.
Where a council adopts a minimum rate for a particular category or sub-category, all ratepayers within that category or sub-category will pay at least that minimum amount regardless of their land value. Therefore, in most cases the use of minimum rates will impact ratepayers with relatively lower land values. ..

Source: GUIDELINES FOR THE PREPARATION OF AN APPLICATION TO INCREASE MINIMUM RATES ABOVE THE STATUTORY LIMIT https://www.ipart.nsw.gov.au/files/sharedassets/website/shared-files/local-government-special-variations-applications-for-special-variations-2020-21-special-variation-documents/office-of-local-government-minimum-rates-guidelines-2020-2021.pdf

Domestic Waste Charges also need to be harmonised at the same time.

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