Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Morning Perambulation

Today's morning walk in Annandale.

History and Nature

Remembering the Green Bans,
which saved Annandale in the 1970s and fighting Westconnex in the 2010s.

Verge Planting

Pepper Trees Federal Park.
The story is that diggers
brought the seeds back with them from WW1

Federal Park Constructed Salt Marsh Wetlands

Johnston's Creek

Oysters Rozelle Bay

Fish Rozelle Bay

"In the early 1970s residents including
the Glebe Society joined with
the Builders Labourers Federation led by Jack Mundey
to impose a Green Ban on expressways
planned to carve through Glebe Annandale and Lilyfield.
This plaque commemorates all the men and women who fought this battle
- Leichhardt Council." More at Western Expressway Greenban (March 1974) -

????? - look like soap suds on a casurina

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