Friday, May 24, 2019

Rethinking the Urban Forest Conference Notes

Addison Road Community Centre,
24 May 2019

Useful presentations from Council Practitioners and Researchers about the imperative and challenges of Greening our cities and increasing our Tree Canopy.

Melbourne City Council
  • Exceptional Tree Register
  • Urban Forest Fund - strong governance  Community Panel assesses recommendation - matching grants for greening private property-retro greening rather than new developments.
Trees only start producing hollows when they are 60-80 years old and a useful size hollow can take 150 years. So, instead of cutting down an unsafe tree, it was pruned back, poisoned and hollows were carved out to create a "Habitat Tree"

It has been found that Urban Trees are being removed too soon as they take longer to deteriorate than previously thought.

"Habitat Tree"
  • cameras monitored tree
  • kids involved in writing book
  • created hollows in the tree
  • birds nested in Possum Hollow
  • possums did not visit dead tree

"Care for Country"
"Nourishing Terrain"

A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction was mentioned as a template for a manual about Urban Forest. 

Oxford Street - 40% dedicated to 28% of commuters.

City of Sydney has 23.5% target for canopy and Inner West Council has 40%.

"Our tree maintenance team strives to ensure the health and longevity of the urban forest to secure ongoing amenity for the residents of North Sydney. The team inspects all street trees approximately every 18 months and carries out any necessary maintenance tasks as they are identified."..North Sydney Urban Tree Strategy.

Perception of trees does not reflect the actual risk 

  • Places
  • Resources
  • Practices
  • Knowledge 

Climate Adapted People Shelter (CAPS).

"Western Sydney is hot and is set to get hotter as green fields make way for new housing developments; exacerbating what scientists call the urban heat island effect".... Turn Down the Heat

Risk to Trees from Heat, Air Quality, Violence

Trees in the LSPS - LEP

Green Walls for filtering pollutants from office spaces and possibly out doors as well.

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