A new draft Tree DCP is now on exhibition. There was a fiasco when the last DCP was adopted with Lib/Lab councilllors putting in a slew of amendments from the floor (without advice from officers)
Main Changes 
  • distance from a dwelling for exempt trees has been reduced from 2m to 1m (leichhardt council had 0m and previously innerwest council officers recommended 0.5m)
  • the height in the definition of a prescribed tree has been reduced to 4m from 6m (a prescribed tree is: i. any tree with a height equal to or greater than 6 metres above ground level (existing))
  •  the applications and processes have been made legal (current Tree DCP has a number of illegal clauses and associated processes which conflict with state law - inconsistent with the NSW Vegetation SEPP and the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act.)
  • the "weed" species list has been reduced from the 2020 Tree DCP [draft C7 Exempt Species List - Council approval is not required to remove species outlined in this list. Consent is required if the tree is a listed item, part of a listed item orlocated in a heritage conservation area (HCA) see C2.] . 2020 DCP (Tree management DCP_amended version 7 October 2021 v2.) at https://www.innerwest.nsw.gov.au/ArticleDocuments/740/Tree%20management%20DCP_amended%20version%207%20October%202021%20v2.pdf.aspx
Please provide your feedback by July 3 https://yoursay.innerwest.nsw.gov.au/tree-dcp-2022