Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Cycling Infrastructure Standards and Laws

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Consultation on Tech Central Camperdown

Inner West at 40 Exhib October 11– 8 November 2023

"The InnerWest@40 study proposes to make the speed limit on local streets a maximum of 40 km/hr. The Study also proposes a rationalisation of speed zoning on Regional Roads, generally bringing them all to 50 km/hr with 40 km/hr in school zones and other areas with a lot of pedestrians. In the longer term it proposes opportunities for 30 km/hr speed limits in areas where there are lots of pedestrians. The study contains next steps for Council to work on with Transport for NSW." https://yoursay.innerwest.nsw.gov.au/inner-west-40

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May need 

  • to change when motor on e-bike cuts out (currently 25k in Aus and 32k in US)
  • licensing (different categories, different devices, different speed limits)
  • to support greater distances for surburban mobility 
  • Classification of sit on scooter, motor bikes and high speed e-bikes 
  • Insurance

10k on Recreational Shared Paths (eg Greenway, but alternative cycling route needed)

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Separated Cycle Way with Parking

Separated Cycleway (separation needs to be related to Speed of adjoining road - 40, 50, 60, 70 or more)

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Parramatta Road Bus Stop

Cyclists may use public transport (buses, trains, trams, ferries) for some segments.

Better Use of Roadspace

  • Oneway
  • cycling boulevardes
  • cycling highways for inter surburban travel


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Shared Zone surface Marking
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Maintenance of Bikes
  • Maintenance of Bikes
  • Smooth Change between surfaces and the kinds of Cycling Infrastructure so, that it is recognised cyclist signage
  • Cycle Routes used by Google Maps and other GPS navigators. 
  • Surfaces need to be cycling friendly
  • Standardise Markings & Signage
  • Enforcement
Drinking Fountain and bike Rack Johnston St, Annandale

Need Shade to cycle under

Need Water, Toilets, bike servicing along routes

Infrastructure needs to work for - Stand up Electric Scooter  (not Vespa Like ones) and other mobility devices

On road bicycle parking.