Friday, September 29, 2023

Future of Shopping - the past

Shopping Trolleys whose wheels lock
Soon shoppers will boycot shops which sell them rubbish which they struggle to get home on Foot, Cycling and Public Transport.

We will choose a market for variety reflecting our diversity from Vegan to meat eater and the healthy in between. 

Walking, Cycling and Public Transport will not only be for the old and young - but others who don't want to be private taxi drivers, couriers or a delivery service.

We may even return our packaging to the store we bought it at.

Mikala Dwyer: Penelope and the Seahorse

At Chau Chak Wing Museum, University of Sydney. Closes Sunday 15 October 2023
"Penelope and the Seahorse multiplies flexible memory associations, combining natural history, myths, half-truths, and dreams, while spanning the deep time of a pagan past, modernity and future imaginings. Dwyer weaves ancient Greek mythologies into a futuristic vision of marine life as ghostly apparition." 

Public Spaces (Unattended Property) Act 2021

The new Public Spaces Unattended Property laws commenced on 1 November 2022.

Key changes- Transitioning to the new laws

From 1 November 2022 to 30 April 2023 a grace period applies for certain offences relating to classes of property left unattended, including:animals (typically stock animals)
shopping trolleys
personal recreational devices such as kayaks.

This grace period provides an opportunity for members of the public to become familiar with the new laws and make appropriate arrangements for the ongoing storage of their property.

It also enables operators of shopping trolleys additional time to implement and comply with branding requirements in the Code of Practice for Class 2 Items – Shopping Trolleys and other Sharing Service Items.
During the grace period, warnings may be issued to the owner of the above classes of unattended property and, should the property be left unattended after 1 May 2023, a fine may be issued.

Fines may be issued for all offences under the Act from 1 May 2023... 

More at

Shopping Trolleys - May 23, 2019

But Wheels to the market are not going away

Getting on and off Busses

Keeping Active
Taking load of Shopping on bus

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