Sunday, December 18, 2022

Waste Disposal Bin and Package Labelling

The 2022 National Waste Report was released last week.

The report included analysis of the types of waste produced. It was estimated to total 75.8Mt(million tonnes) (2.95t/capita) by weight last financial year. Presented here as a Pie Chart.


Bins at Australian National University

Emptying Street Bins, Rescued interlocking pavers and Timber at Summer Hill Reuse and Recycle Centre ready for reuse, Landfill (red bins) Food Waste (maroon bin), White Goods, Mattresses and other Household goods awaiting collection.

waste flows 2021-2

Food Waste Bins (maroon); Recyclable CDS plastic bottle of water at event with Red and Yellow bins in Park; Trolleys at Addison Road

Kegworth School Market Bins and Bag for CDS drink containers; Kerbside Collection 3 size of Red Bins, yellow and blue bins, Trolleys Styles St Leichhardt, Piazzas. Inner West Council Zero Waste Branding

Markets, Food and Gardening

Dumped Rubbish, Kerbside Bins, Return and Earn Water Bottle Litter, Kegworth School Festive Markets Banner

'Soft Plastics", Park Bins, Fruit Stickers and Fish Curry

UTS Bins Recyclables and Mobile Muster and unlabelled

Recyclable Seal, Food Waste Separation, Paper and Cardboard Separation, Reusable Bags and Glassware, Return and Earn recycling separation and litter reduction, Waste Disposal at Community Centres and Universities

Leichhardt Market Place NSW Single Use Ban and Waste Bins

Gelato Cone; Bins at Gelato Bar; Norton St Festa, Kerbside Collection Bins Green Garden Organics

Compostable and Biodegradable Coffee Cups and waste collection at Early Learning Centre

CBD Symposium Waste

Kitchen Garden Manual (Goa, India) and Reverse Garbage opening new premises Carrington Road Marrickville

St Mary's Library drop of waste and free period products; Haberfield Gardeners a

Bins Croydon Railway Station

Foot prints EcoFestival White's Creek Valley

Battery Recycling Bin and Jams at Church Stall Annandale

Bin Hawkesbury

Plastics Recycling Labels

Food Packaging Labelling and Bins Canberra, ACT

Compostable Crockery and Cuttlery

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