Monday, March 30, 2020

Outline of '60s Annandale: A Short Walk

Beale Piano Factory, Sheriff's 1890s home and '60s Redbrick icon, Trafalgar Street. 26 Mar 2020
So, sorted my bits of paper and map and have found a few photographs for which I need to sort out reproduction rights.
Looking Down Parramatta Road from Trafalgar St, Annandale at Sydney University. "Grose Farm from Toll Gate, ca.1862-1869/watercolour by F.C Terry, Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW

The points of interest in '60s Annandale will be:
  1. Annandale Toll Gate 
  2. Parramatta Road - carriage way and footway
  3. sheep and cattle yard
  4. Johnston Creek 
  5. Johnston Estate 
  6. Contingent Hotel
  7. 1960's Red Brick Houses and Flats
  8. Beale/Norths Factory
    Aerial Photographs of Annandale
    Safety plastic helmets (hardhats) loaded into OCL container at combined James North, and, Nicholson...
  9. Postmaster General's Training Centre
  10. Kodak Building
    Photograph - Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd, Exterior of Warehouse, Annandale, 1967-1968

    More photos Kodak Annandale
  11. Riverland Chappelow's Fruit
  12.  Burrows and Seibers Bakery and Kindaide's Dairy
  13. Annangrove 
  14. Annandale Cottage
  15. Olympia Theatre
  16. Police Station
  17. Hunter Baillie Church
  18. Sacred Heart Club
  19. Snows Confectionary
  20. Former Annandale Council Chambers
  21. Methodist Church and Manse
  22. Flower Shop (80 Booth St)
  23. Greek Orthodox Community use St Aidan's School Hall
  24. Annandale Royal Picture Theatre
  25. Bohemian Annandale - The Abbey and
  26.  Annandale imitation realists
  27. Fred Cress, painter, who arrived in Australia in 1962 as a 10 pound pom – had a studio in Annandale
  28. Soap and Candlemaking on the Annandale Foreshore
  29. Construction of the Concrete Formwork for the platform for the Opera House...
  30. Return of the horse and cart
  31. Vietnam War  

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