Sunday, March 22, 2020

Plotting out '60s Annandale on a Lego Map

One of the challenges in writing the Annandale Short Walk books is developing the map.

This time round, I am seeing if Lego makes the task any easier. So, I have built a map of Annandale out of Lego and placed the information about the stops around it and lego people marking the stops.

As it happens, I have fond memories of playing with lego in the 1960s. There is also footage of my parents taking me to Legoland in Denmark circa 1963.

So, the stops - starting at the Toll Gate, Parramatta Road and finishing at Rozelle Bay where the form work for the platform for the Sydney Opera House was constructed.

  1. Toll Gate (east of Johnston's Creek), Parramatta Road Annandale.
  2. Camperdown and Annandale Police Stations
  3. The Annandale Estate - Annandale House, Torrens Title
  4. The Olympia
  5. Annangrove Cottage
  6. Annandale Cottage 
  7. The Sherifs 1960s home
  8. Telecom Training Centre
  9. The Kodak Factory
  10. The Sacred Heart Club
  11. The Hunter Baillie Church
  12. The Greek Schoo, St Aidans
  13. The Hardware Store (next to the North Annandale)
  14. The Flower Shop
  15. Summerland Fruit and Vegetables
  16. The Annandale Picture Theatre
  17. Bohemian Annandale
  18. Demolition of Annandale
  19. Soap Making on the Foreshore
  20. Form work for the platform for the Sydney Opera House  
  21. More
  • The Annandale Imitation Realists
  • Petrol Station, Cars and small service stations?
  • Vietnam War " National Service Ballot, compulsory for all 20-year-old males."


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