Monday, January 27, 2020

Plastic Recycling Review

  • Cans (e.g. soft drinks)
  • Bottles ( e.g. beer bottles)
  • Cartons (e.g. milk cartons)
  • Juice boxes or poppers
Most containers between 150ml and 3 litres are accepted and can get you a refund. However, they must…
  • Be in good condition (not be crushed or broken)
  • Be empty
  • Have the label attached 
These items aren’t accepted, but can still go into household recycling. They’re often used at home.
  • Any milk containers that are 1 litre or more
  • Glass wine bottles
  • Glass spirit bottles
  • Juice bottles over 1 litre
  • Cordial bottles
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The report said meeting the national target for 70 per cent of Australia’s plastic packaging to be recycled or composted by 2025 would require a “major” expansion of plastics recycling.
The 70 per cent target is one of the national packaging targets agreed to by federal and state governments in 2018." - SMH, January 26, 2020

In a major milestone for NSW litter reduction, two billion drink containers have been collected within just 19 months of the establishment of Return and Earn.

"Coca-Cola shifted to using recycled plastic in its bottles after damaging reports on plastic pollution in the oceans. Coca-Cola Amatil aims to make 70 per cent of its plastic bottles from 100 per cent recycled PET by the end of this year." -

"Beverage maker Coca-Cola Amatil is looking to establish a major recycled processing plant in Australia with French company Veolia as the drinks giant seeks alternatives to importing recycled plastic for its bottles." 

"In Australia 7 out of 10 of our plastic bottles are now being made entirely from recycled plastic.
That is all bottles 600ml and under across our range of beverages including Coke, Fanta, Sprite and Mt Franklin. This is a significant commitment by our business together with Coca-Cola Amatil, and we believe it will spur on a more viable local market for recycling in Australia." - Last updated - 24 January 2020

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