Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Celebrating the Completion of stage 1 of MarketPlace Leichardt's Solar Farm

Joined the people who run Marketplace Leichhardt at the celebration of the completion of stage 1 of the installation of their solar panels.

The panels replace the shade sails which previously covered the carpark and are expected to last 10 years - which is longer than the sails.

1000 panels have been installed generating 300kw and the plan is to install 400 more.

The panels have been installed on their rooftop carpark. Which may sound simple but turns out not to be.

The building is about 40 years old and the concrete roof structure was scanned three times before the steel structure which holds the solar panels were bolted in place.

The centre is carbon neutral with the purchase of offsets and green power.

The solar panels avoid consumption of black (coal) power.

Checked out their innovative waste management in August:
L-R Clr Marghanita da Cruz, Edward Hanna (Energy Action), Michael Carlton (Centre Manager, JLL), Three Project Managers (Colliers & LGSuper), John(Center Operations Manager) and Linda Screnci (Marketing Manager, JLL)

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