Thursday, August 22, 2019

Westconnex proposes to destroy Buruwan Park and the Crescent Mural

The Crescent Mural

On 20 November 2018 Inner West Council voted unanimously to nominate the iconic and much-loved The Crescent mural in Annandale for heritage listing.

The mural was created in 1980 by artist Rodney Monk. The sprawling mural at has been described as ‘the peoples mural’.

It was commissioned by the then-Leichhardt Council as an employment scheme for unemployed artists.

The mural was inspired by the community activism around key events such as opposition to the Vietnam War and the sacking of the Whitlam government, but also social movements such as personal liberation including sexuality, gender, racism and ethnicity, and the self-expression of alternative lifestyles and cultural activities.- The Mural Investigation (2010)

Buruwan Park

Over 20 years of bushcare and ecological restoration.

Shared path connecting Railway Parade to the Crescent. Interchange between Light Rail and 433 Bus.4.2

August 21 Modification to Rozelle Interchange approval  increases traffic, air pollution, noise and destroys mural.

Despite headline, reduces amenity of Cycling Routes into the city.

Diagrams below - description of modification at

Westconnex Proposed Footprint Source: Chapter 4, SSI-7485-Mod-2
Westconnex Proposed Spagetti Junction Source: Chapter 4, SSI-7485-Mod-2


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