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WestConnex M4-M5 Link MOD 2 - Annandale and Rozelle

Increased in traffic, air pollution, noise and loss of mural.

Also despite headline,  issues with Cycling Routes into the city. 

From: "WestConnex M4-M5 Link MOD 2 - The Crescent overpass [Annandale] and active transport"

"The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and the Submissions and Preferred Infrastructure Report (SPIR) described and assessed important road network and active transport links at Lilyfield and Rozelle. Specific to the proposed modification those works involved surface works at Rozelle including the realignment and widening of key roads and intersections at and around the junction of The Crescent and City West Link. Further, works involved new and upgraded pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure including new north south connections between the new open space at the Rozelle Rail Yards, Rozelle

Bay light rail stop and Bicentennial Park."

"Proposed modification

• A new elevated vehicular overpass (‘The Crescent overpass’) that would allow eastbound traffic heading north on The Crescent from Annandale to bypass the signalised intersection at The Crescent / City West Link junction and continue east on The Crescent towards Victoria Road and the Anzac Bridge

• Modifications to the eastbound lanes of the City West Link and The Crescent on either side of the intersection and northbound lanes on The Crescent at Annandale to provide space for the tie-in of The Crescent overpass

• Upgrades to the intersection of The Crescent / Johnston Street / Chapman Road (including lane reconfiguration and marking, signal phasing, adjusting positions of traffic signals kerb works etc.)

• Realignment of the Pedestrian and Cycling Green Link (‘green link’) to the west of The Crescent, providing a connection between the Rozelle Rail Yards and the Rozelle Bay light rail stop
Annandale Foreshore  Source: Chapter 4. SSI-7485-Mod-2

• A new shared user path bridge (‘shared user path bridge’) spanning The Crescent to the east of The Crescent / City West Link intersection. The shared user path bridge would provide a connection between the Rozelle Rail Yards and the at grade surface connection (the ‘shared user path’) to Bicentennial Park along the east side of The Crescent adjacent to Rozelle Bay. The shared user
path bridge and shared user path would provide the pedestrian and cyclist connectivity required by Conditions E120 and E121 for the project albeit in a different arrangement to that shown in the EIS

• Minor changes to the layout of the approach roads leading to the Anzac Bridge from Victoria Road, The Crescent and the Rozelle Interchange to improve traffic merging arrangements

• Use of a minor construction ancillary facility, established in accordance with Condition C24, as a construction ancillary facility. The proposed C6a construction ancillary facility site would be located on the south side of The Crescent to the west of James Craig Road and adjacent to Rozelle Bay. The proposed modification would allow use of the site for a limited number of additional purposes which are not permitted by Condition C24 including:

− Light vehicle parking for workers (around 9 spaces) and
− Material laydown areas and a limited number of associated vehicle movements (small delivery vans and rigid trucks)."

"The Modification report will be exhibited for 28 days from 21 August to 18 September 2019. The community and other stakeholders will be able to provide feedback on the proposed modification to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) as submissions.

Following exhibition of the Modification report, Roads and Maritime will review the submissions received and respond to the issues raised in a Response to Submissions Report for the proposed modification.

This report will be provided to DPIE and will be assessed prior to a determination being made. If during exhibition or during the response to submissions process further changes to the proposed modification are identified, these changes would also be described and assessed."

EIS: Traffic and transport

"A traffic assessment was undertaken for potential construction and operational traffic impacts arising from the proposed modification.

Traffic and transport related construction impacts are expected to be minor with relevant levels of service comparable to that presented for the approved project. The relevant management measures identified in the SPIR and in the conditions of approval for the project would appropriately manage impacts associated with the proposed modification.

Operational impacts of the proposed modification were modelled to assess the traffic impacts of the modification in comparison to the approved project. Two future years (2023 and 2033) were assessed in both ‘with project’ and ‘cumulative’ scenarios using WRTM v2.3 to ensure consistency with the EIS traffic assessment."

"The key operational impacts resulting from the proposed modification are:

• With the inclusion of the proposed modification, there is minimal change in the daily traffic forecast on the Sydney metropolitan road network. Some increase in vehicle numbers is forecast on Anzac Bridge eastbound and on Johnston Street northbound. A sensitivity test was undertaken which identified that this predicted traffic increase would have a minimal impact

• During both the AM and PM peak hours the overall modelled network performance metrics are comparable or slightly better than those presented in the EIS

• Intersection performances is generally forecast to be comparable with or improved when compared with the EIS results with improvements forecast at the City West Link/The Crescent and The Crescent/Johnston Street/Chapman Road intersections

• Travel times from City West Link to Anzac Bridge are forecast to improve as a result of the proposed modification however, an increase in traffic would enter the network and has the likely potential to impact parts of the network already forecast to be congested such as Victoria Road northbound in the AM peak

• Public transport travel time impacts are consistent with those of general traffic. Generally, travel time impacts are consistent with those reported in the EIS with some additional travel time impacts forecast on Victoria Road northbound in the AM peak as a result of existing constraints north of Iron Cove Bridge in Drummoyne

• Right turn movements from The Crescent overpass into James Craig Road (eastbound) and from Johnston Street into The Crescent (southbound) are not permitted as a result of the proposed modification. However, in both cases the number of traffic movements impacted are limited and alternative traffic routes are available

•Operational traffic impacts would be managed via the existing environmental management measures and conditions of approval including:
− Condition E63: Road Network Performance Plan
− Condition E64: Operational Road Network Performance Review

− EMM OTT3: Roads and Maritime will develop a strategy to ensure appropriate network integration in the areas surrounding the Rozelle Interchange."

"Noise and vibration

Construction noise impacts were assessed for three key construction processes: construction of The Crescent overpass, the green link and the shared user path bridge; use of the approved construction ancillary facility (C6a); and The Crescent, Chapman Road and Johnston Street intersection works. "

"Key construction noise impacts from the proposed modification are:

• The construction of the proposed modification would be generally in similar locations to what was assessed for the approved project, meaning the impacts during construction are generally expected to be consistent with the EIS. The works around The Crescent, Chapman Road and Johnston Street may however impact a relatively small number of additional receivers given the need to complete construction work for the proposed modification further to the south and east than was assessed for the approved project. As a result, it is proposed to change the receivers proposed for noise mitigation to address impacts from out of hours construction (as detailed in Condition E87 and Appendix D)

• A number of buildings in the vicinity of proposed construction works have been identified as being located within minimum working distance for cosmetic damage and human comfort and these potential impacts would be managed in accordance with the relevant existing Conditions relating to construction vibration: E81, E83, E84 and E85."

"In relation to operational noise impacts, the following key impacts are anticipated:

• Operational road traffic noise levels are expected to generally be comparable to the approved project, with noise levels for the proposed modification being within -0.5 dBA to +0.5 dBA of the EIS noise levels for the majority of receivers in the study area. This relatively small increase is however sufficient to result in additional exceedances of Noise Management Levels on Johnston Street in both the Do Something and Do Something Plus scenarios

• The Crescent overpass is predicted to increase noise levels at a small number of receivers near Bayview Crescent by between 0.5 dBA and 1.5 dBA. However, noise levels in this area would be influenced by higher volumes of traffic on City West Link and The Crescent, in comparison to the relatively lower traffic volumes on the overpass. Whilst a noise barrier would potentially reduce

road traffic noise levels from vehicles on the overpass, it would likely be ineffective in significantly reducing the overall road traffic noise levels at nearby receivers given the relatively low contribution to noise levels from the overpass."

"A noise barrier also has the potential to result in undesirable visual, urban design and wind loading impacts

• At property treatments for the eligible receivers are considered to be the preferred noisemitigation measure."

Air quality

"The proposed modification does not significantly alter the scope and nature of construction works proposed in the vicinity of City West Link, The Crescent and Johnston Street as outlined in the EIS. As a result, the comprehensive mitigation measures identified in the SPIR and conditions of the project approval such as implementation of the Air Quality sub-plan to the Construction Environmental Management Plan (Condition C4(d) and the Dust Deposition Monitoring Program (Condition C9), are considered appropriate to manage construction impacts associated with the proposed modification."

"The operational air quality assessment shows that some receptors are predicted to experience increases in emissions by comparison to the EIS. However, the predicted increases are small and donot the change the outcomes of the assessment presented for the approved project. As a result no additional mitigation is considered necessary."

"Conditions of Approval

Changes to a number of the Conditions of Approval have been proposed to accommodate the proposed modification. The proposed amendments to Conditions E120, E121 and E134 reflect the proposed realignment of the green link and shared user path bridge."

"The proposed amendment to Condition E163 requires archival recording of The Crescent Mural at Annandale.

The proposed amendment to Appendix D (associated with Condition E87) reflects a change to the receivers proposed for noise mitigation to address impacts from out of hours construction work in the vicinity of the Johnston Street/The Crescent/Chapman Road intersection.

All other conditions of approval would continue to apply to the project."

Source: Executive Summary, WestConnex M4-M5 Link, NSW Roads and Maritime Services Rozelle interchange – Modification: The Crescent overpass and active transport links Modification report

Project Details

"Application Number SSI-7485-Mod-2
Assessment Type SSI Modifications
Development Type Road transport facilities
Local Government Areas Canada Bay, Inner West, City of Sydney
Exhibition Start Exhibition End

More information

Contents/Structure of Document/Files


• Chapter 1 (Introduction) provides an overview of the modification, scope and purpose
• Chapter 2 (Assessment process) outlines the statutory assessment requirements and explains
the steps in the assessment and approval process
• Chapter 3 (Approved project) provides a description of the approved project with a more detailed
focus on the elements that are proposed to be changed by the proposed modification
Chapter 4 (Proposed modification) provides a detailed description of the proposed modification to the approved project including options considered [
Chapter 4. SSI-7485-Mod-2]
• Chapter 5 (Consultation) outlines the consultation activities undertaken to date and in the future
• Chapter 6 (Environmental assessment) identifies the relevant environmental issues, assesses the potential impacts of the modification and presents environmental management measures in response to those impacts
• Chapter 7 (Conditions of approval) identifies the conditions of the project approval that are required to be amended as part of the proposed modification
• Chapter 8 (Environmental management measures) details changes to the approved environmental management measures as a result of the proposed modification

• Chapter 9 (Justification and conclusion) presents the justification for the proposed modification and provides a summary of the key assessment findings
• Appendix A (Environmental assessment requirements for the proposed modification)
• Appendix B (Traffic and transport assessment)
• Appendix C (Noise and vibration assessment)

• Appendix D (Air quality assessment).

See report at:

Diagrams at Westconnex proposes to destroy Buruwan Park and the Crescent Mural


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