Thursday, August 22, 2019

Visit to Wuyagiba Hub at Macquarie University

Following up the Indigenous Science festival at Redfern, Clr Dominic Wy Kanak and I visited the Wuyagiba Hub at Macquarie University with the objective of learning more about  Indigenous Rangers.

Wuyagiba is an small homeland located between the main Aboriginal communities of south east Arnhem Land, Ngukurr and Numbulwar.  
Wuyagiba Bush Hub Aboriginal Corporation is a new corporation set up by the Traditional Owners and Jungayi of Wuyagiba to manage the Study Hub.

"Indigenous rangers not only manage natural resouces by also cultural resources that are linkd to country and indigenous history, like rock art sites, buriel sites, Dreaming places and old camping grounds" - Indigenous women rangers talking: Sharing ideas and information about women ranger's work

"We work as a team, we work for our country, we love our country. We are the Australians, and we have balanda [non-Indigenous] Australians who want to work with us - that is the way it should be."- Founder of Yugul Mangi Women Rangers, 2002

Yugul Mangi Ranger Story

Our Way (video
Added by Northern Land Council

"Indiginous Science"

Medicinal leaves chewed or brewed as tea

Trip back to the Inner West

To get to Macquarie Uni,  I caught the train from Stanmore, Changed at Strathfield and then at Epping to the Metro.

The return trip was by bus to the ANZAC bridge and then a walk along the Crescent and Johnston Street.

On the way, we noticed that the trees at the University were labelled but only in english and latin. There was also a little stream meandering through the park.

Along the Crescent there was a new very large Black Butt(?)Pole and stumps of Casuarinas.

Along Johnston Street, there were Banksias and Greville.

Indigenous land and sea management in remote Australia (Guest edited by Dr Emilie Ens)

Ecological Management and Restoration

Volume 13, Issue 1
January 2012
Special Issue:Indigenous land and sea management in remote Australia (Guest edited by Dr Emilie Ens)

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