Need to Standardise Path and Pedestrian Safety Signage and Marking

Ashfield Station (Northern Side)
Renwick Lane Leichhardt
Laneway, Sutherland

We need to improved and standardise pedestrian and cycle amenity and safety

path signage and marking to reinforce the law and in some cases to inform the etiquette including:

  • 10kmph on Road Shared Zones
  • Pedestrian/Cycle Shared Zones
  • Pedestrian/Cycle separated Zones
  • At Grade Pedestrian Crossings to include speed guidance
  • Wombat Crossing Signs to incorporate Pedestrian Crossing, Hump and Speed 
  • Speed Limits on Footpaths and Shared Paths
  • That all Paths are OnLeash

Signage is inconsistent on Roads giving mixed messages to motorists and endangering pedestrians and cyclists.

Norton St Leichhardt

Pedestrian/Cyclist Crossing, Sutherland

At Grade Pedestrian Crossing, Carpark Ashfield


Bay Run, Lilyfield
Newcastle Foreshore Shared Path
Path approaching Dulwich Hill Light Rail Station

Annandale Footpath

Annandale Verge

Annandale Street

Slow down signage shared path, Annandale
Slow Down Signage, Bay Run, Five Dock
Buruwan Park
Greenway, Between Parramatta Road and Marion Street

Crescent, Annandale
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Cyclist Route Signage Nelson St/Parramatta Rd

Footpath/Road Transition Parramatta Rd, Annandale